• How to Write a Research Paper

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    We only received one Dear WBN question this week, and it was a query we’d already kinda answered. Is that it, guys? A few weeks’ worth of posts and we’ve covered every topic you’re curious about? I hope not, because it’s been a fun feature for us. Email me your questions, and hopefully we’ll bring it back next week.

    [Insert incredibly smooth transition here.]

    In one of our recent videos, posted to our YouTube channel, Justine laid down some easy-to-follow strategies for writing research papers. And she should know–I’ve never met someone who has written or edited as many research papers as our fearless leader.

    The advice is pretty simple: choose a topic you’re passionate about and get started early enough that you won’t feel rushed and stressed as the deadline looms closer.

    And I’ve always found that No-Doz helps. And by “helps” I mean almost makes me die, and definitely makes me want to die.




    Discussion Question: What are some of your tactics for putting together a successful research paper? Do you wait until the week (or even day) before it’s due, or do you begin researching/writing well in advance? Let us know below.


    (Is there a specific topic you’d like to see us cover in front of the scary cameras? Drop us a line and tell us about it.)


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    carol cambell


    I have a practice change initiative proposal to complete for my university assignment. I am not sure how to do this do you have any suggestions please.


    carol cambell

    In reply to your discussion section

    Unfortunately due to my work pattern working 13 hours per day. I tend to leave my work until the last minute.

    But I do a lot of reading, I just cannot get it down on paper properly.

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