• Publication Assistance Services

    When you’re ready to publish your book, our publication assistance services will help you get there. Position yourself for traditional publication or self-publication, seek representation by a literary agent, submit your work to magazines and journals, or pursue hybrid publication through our partnership with Atmosphere Press.


    Publication Consultation

    Submit your novel, memoir, or any other writing project for professional review in order to determine which path to publication (traditional, hybrid, or self-publication) is right for you.

    We’ll read your manuscript carefully and meet with you to discuss our impressions of the work and its prospects for publication, including feedback on areas of craft that warrant attention. You’ll also exchange ideas with your consultant and plan a course of action towards publication.

    $35/hr. for read-through + $99/1-hour meeting

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    Agent & Publisher Research

    We research publishers, literary agents, literary journals, magazines, websites, and/or contests appropriate for your work, and tell you exactly how to submit and get noticed. Request a list of ten to fifty targeted opportunities.

    $35/hr. for research

    Request a free consultation to make us do all the tedious research for you.



    Preparation of Submission Materials

    We’ll help you develop, or we’ll compose from scratch, your book proposals, query letters, synopses, and anything else required by agents and publishers, aiming for maximum impact and appeal in order to help you stand out from the competition. Includes all relevant market research.

    $35/hr. for research & critique; $60/hr. for composition of materials from scratch

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    Hybrid Publication with Atmosphere Press

    WriteByNight partners exclusively with Atmosphere Press, an author-friendly publisher that aims to put the power not in the hands of the press, but in the hands of the writer, where it belongs.

    Founded by WBN book coach Nick Courtright, Atmosphere works with a team of editors, designers, distributors, and publicists – WBN among them! – to help your book reach the heights it deserves.

    With WriteByNight, bypass the slush pile and fast-track your query straight to Atmosphere’s executive editor!

    Projects quoted individually

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