• Publication Assistance Services

    When you’re ready to publish your book, WriteByNight will help you make it happen.

    Position yourself for traditional publication or self-publication, seek representation by a literary agent, polish your submission materials, or get feedback on your sample pages.

    You’ve done the hard part. Now let WriteByNight handle some — or even all! — of the rest.

    Request a free consultation to learn how WriteByNight can ease your path to publication.



    Agent/Publisher Total Pitch Package

    Now that you’ve finished your book, the hard work can begin!

    That’s only a little bit facetious. The process of finding agents and/or indie presses to query is among the most tedious and daunting tasks in all of writerdom. Instead, send us your finished manuscript and we’ll do everything else.

    And we do mean everything.


    Agent & Publisher Research

    Finding agents and publishers to send your work to is tedious and exhausting. Especially if you’re not even confident you know how to do it.

    Let us find the right agents and publishers for you.


    Query Letter Critique

    WriteByNight’s staff literary agent will provide written commentary throughout your query letter, focusing on what’s working and what isn’t, and then meet with you for 60 minutes to offer feedback and answer questions.

    Get started on your path to traditional publication!


    Beta Read First 10

    If you don’t hook an agent with your first 10 pages, he/she will never ask to see more. Ever.

    Send us the first 10 pages of your book and we’ll offer the perfect reader for them. Your reader will meet with you for 30 minutes to offer feedback.

    Learn how to make an agent sit up and take notice.


    Self-Publishing Coaching

    Anyone can self-publish a book, but finding an audience is a different story. Learn how to successfully self-publish and market/promote your work through a series of one-on-one discussion sessions with John Sibley Williams, WriteByNight’s publishing expert.

    Help us help you to find your readers!


    Hybrid Publication with Atmosphere Press

    WriteByNight partners exclusively with Atmosphere Press, an author-friendly publisher that aims to put the power not in the hands of the press, but in the hands of the writer, where it belongs.

    Founded by former WBN book coach Nick Courtright, Atmosphere works with a team of editors, designers, distributors, and publicists to help your book reach the heights it deserves.

    Bypass the slush pile and go straight to Atmosphere’s executive editor!