• One-on-One Writer’s Services

    WriteByNight specializes in book coaching, beta reading, manuscript critique, writing workshops, editing and proofreading, publication assistance, and ghostwriting services for writers of all experience levels working in all genres.

    Our talented writing coaches work one-on-one with writers in-person and via phone/video. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to write better, a first-time writer with an idea, or an experienced author with a manuscript to perfect, WriteByNight has a service to match your needs.

    Writing is solitary, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

    Request a free consultation to learn how to write better, right now.



    Ideal for support, guidance, feedback, and accountability in your writing.

    Book coaching: Get started on or finish your book.

    Private instruction: Develop and hone your skills and learn to write better.

    Writing-life coaching: Find balance, sanity, and accountability in your writing life.

    Writer’s block counseling: Reignite your creativity and get your pen moving again.


    Beta Reading, Manuscript Critique & Writing Workshop

    Ideal if you need fresh eyes on your manuscript.

    Beta read: Read-through and verbal feedback in a 60-minute interactive discussion.

    Critique: A 60-minute discussion *plus* detailed margin notes.

    Critique-plus: Our deepest deep dive.

    Writing workshop: An intense discussion about your work with two or more WriteByNight coaches.


    Editing & Proofreading

    Get your manuscript in shape for publication.

    Line edit: An editor will go through your manuscript line by line to address fluidity, clarity, grammar, and usage, and will provide suggestions for improving the overall effectiveness of the piece.

    Proofread: A second editor will proofread your manuscript for spelling mistakes, improper punctuation, typos, and formatting errors.


    Publish Your Book

    When you’re ready to publish your book, we’ll help you get there.

    Agent/Publisher pitch package: Send us your manuscript and we’ll do all the rest. And we do mean all.

    Agent/Publisher research: We’ll identify literary agents and publishers actively seeking work like yours.

    Query letter critique: Detailed margin notes and 60-minute discussion with our publishing expert.

    Self-publishing coaching: Learn the ins & outs of self-pubbing and marketing your work.


    Ghostwrite Your Book

    If you have a vision for a novel or a nonfiction book but little time or desire to write it, WriteByNight will ghostwrite it for you. Share your story and watch us weave it into prose of publishable quality.