• Your Best 2021 Reading Experience

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    Discussion question: What was your best 2021 reading experience? When timing, environment, and the book itself came together in a memorable way? read more

    Prompt: In 2021, I; In 2022, I

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    Writing Prompt: Fill in the blanks: “In 2021 I ______” and “In 2022 I ______.” Your responses do not have to be about writing & reading! Take it where you want it to go; let it take you wherever it wants you to go. read more

    The Writer’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

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    Discussion question: Help us build the writer’s ultimate holiday gift guide. What are the best literary gifts you’ve ever given or received? 


    read more

    Prompt: Hurts, Hearts, Keep Going

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    Discussion question: This week we welcome two new writing coaches! For a prompt, write a response to one of the following pieces of writing advice offered by Tariq and Darcie: 1) Write what hurts most; 2) Keep going; 3) Ask yourself what the story is doing in the reader’s heart.

    read more

    Prompt: All the Places You’ve Written

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    Discussion questions: This week I want us to take a look at some of the memorable places we’ve written, whether they’re former favorite writing spots or one-time stolen moments during our travels, or even during our everyday lives. Write about the places you’ve written! And like last time, feel free to share a photo. read more

    Prompt: Your Writing Space

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    Discussion question: This week’s post is a simple prompt: Write about your writing space. And share a photo with us!

    read more

    Prompt: Your Last 10 Words

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    Discussion questions: Not a question, but write a story or poem or *something* using the last five to ten words you’ve looked up on your dictionary app or online or, if you can remember, in your actual dictionary. (If you don’t have such a log, you can use my words.) Also, share with us why you looked up these words, if there’s an interesting reason.

    read more

    Is a Novel “Written By” Its Narrator?

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    Discussion questions: My writer friend operates under the premise that any novel he reads is a book written and published by its (fictitious) narrator. What he wants to know is: “Am I really the only one who thinks this shit?” So, is he? What’s your take on novels or stories as being the written product of their narrators?


    read more

    Writing Out of Sequence

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    Discussion questions: Have you ever written a book, or even something shorter, out of sequence? Why does it work for you? What are the pros, what are the drawbacks? Do you find it difficult to maintain story/character consistency, and if so, how do you address that?

    read more

    Where/How Do You Find New Books to Read?

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    Discussion questions: Where and how do you find new books to read? And what are you reading now? Do you have any new titles to recommend? read more

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