• Manuscript Consultation Services

    Manuscript consultation services are ideal if you’re nearing or have completed a full draft of a manuscript.

    Submit your book or writing project for a detailed reading and critique, or for an edit and/or proofread to prepare for publication.


    Manuscript Critique

    With a manuscript critique, WriteByNight will read through your manuscript and provide detailed written commentary to identify what’s working, what’s not, what could be improved, and how. We’ll then meet with you to discuss the feedback in depth and make recommendations for next steps.

    We consider large craft issues such as plot, structure, setting, characterization, point of view, voice and style, as well as smaller issues such as consistency, repetition, and descriptive details.

    A critique is the perfect step before your final round of revisions.

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    To get your manuscript in shape for publication, WriteByNight will edit line by line for fluidity, clarity, grammar, and usage (commonly referred to as line editing), and will provide suggestions for improving the overall effectiveness of the piece (commonly referred to as content editing).

    We’re careful to retain your unique voice and style so your writing will sound like you, but optimized for readability and maximum appeal.

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    As a final step before you publish your book, WriteByNight will comb your manuscript for spelling mistakes, improper punctuation, typos, and formatting errors.

    Proofreading is the final essential step in preparing your manuscript for submission to agents, publishers, contests, or even friends and family.

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