• Book Coaching, Private Instruction & Writer’s Block Counseling

    Book coaching, private instruction, and writer’s block counseling services are ideal for support, guidance, feedback, and accountability in your writing.

    Work with a book coach to get started on or finish your book, enroll in private instruction to learn how to write better and develop your skills, or reignite your writing habit and creativity through writer’s block counseling.


    Book Coaching

    Work one-on-one in book coaching to get started on and/or finish your novel, memoir, or other book-length project.

    Your WriteByNight book coach will offer step-by-step guidance by reading and providing editorial feedback on the writing you produce and then meeting with you to discuss how the work may be improved. You’ll produce pages steadily and have a completed manuscript by an agreed-upon date.

    Request a free consultation to start writing your book today.


    Private Instruction

    Learn to write better and produce pages steadily by working one-on-one in private instruction.

    Write short stories, essays, articles, poems, or any other form of your choosing. You’ll submit writing on a regular basis according to achievable deadlines. Your writing coach will read and provide editorial feedback and commentary, then meet with you to discuss how the work may be improved.

    We’ll target specific craft issues you struggle with using the approach that is most appealing to you: assignments, writing exercises, readings, and/or good old-fashioned conversation.

    Request a free consultation to start writing better, right now.

    Writer’s Block Counseling

    Designed to get your pen moving, writer’s block counseling helps you through any period of creative stagnation in order to get words out of your head and down on paper.

    Your course will be designed according to your unique needs and individual writing process, and may include writing prompts, writing exercises, assignments, and talk therapy, as well as assistance with time management and goal-setting. It will most definitely include plenty of accountability.

    Request a free consultation to start writing again, right now.


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