• Writing Workshop

    If you’re ready for four or more fresh eyes on your manuscript, WriteByNight will help you build your very own writing workshop.

    Two or more of our writing coaches will beta read or critique your manuscript and meet with you by Zoom to discuss. You’ll be the center of attention in a group setting focused only on you and your writing.

    And it’s interactive: Ask your readers any questions on your mind, whether about the book itself, its path to publication, or anything in between.

    More readers, more (and varied) feedback, and more opportunities to get your questions answered!

    We consider large craft issues such as plot, structure, setting, characterization, point of view, voice, and style, as well as small issues such as consistency, repetition, and descriptive details.



    • Preliminary Q&A to¬†determine your needs, goals, preferences, and expectations
    • Full read-through of the manuscript
    • Detailed written commentary throughout (optional)
    • Writing workshop to review and discuss the work


    All projects quoted individually

    Request a free consultation today to build your own writing workshop.