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    Washington DCNext up in our State Writing Resources series is a city. A city within a district. But not exactly within, since, as I understand it, the city of Washington is exactly the size of the District of Columbia.

    Among the list of nicknames for Washington, DC, is “Nation’s Capital,” which is less a nickname than just a fact; “A Capital City,” again, fact; “The Capital of the World,” blech; and “The American Rome,” which is a bit dubious. Also, “City of Magnificent Distances.” What?! Apparently Dickens called it “City of Magnificent Intentions.” It’s also known as “Hollywood for Ugly People!” But don’t take offense. I didn’t, when I lived there.

    What I did do when I lived there was learn that there’s a vibrant Washington DC writing community. (A community that clearly didn’t teach me good syntax.) Presented in no particular order, here are 10 Washington DC writing resources, from conferences to local critique groups to literary magazines. If you are a Federal City dweller or are planning to become one, these are some organizations you might want to take a peek at.

    1) The Writer’s Center

    Cultivates the creation, publication, presentation and dissemination of literary work. This is an independent literary organization with a global reach, rooted in a dynamic community of writers.

    2) Capitol Hill Arts Workshop

    Offers classes and workshops in a wide variety of artistic genres, including writing.

    3) SpeakeasyDC

    Gives voice to people’s life experiences, supports artistic expression, builds community, and contributes to D.C.’s cultural capital and creative economy by promoting and teaching the art of autobiographical storytelling.

    4) Writers Room DC

    Provides quiet, comfortable and affordable workspace to serious writers of fiction and nonfiction. Writers who wish to use the facility may apply for three-month or six-month memberships.

    5) 826DC

    D.C.’s branch of the nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6-18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.

    6) Conversations and Connections

    Annual conference which features editors from a mix of established and cutting-edge literary magazines and small presses, all of whom will help you take the next step in publishing your work.

    7) Hurston/Wright Workshop

    A 2-day workshop, each class is instructed by a professional who not only knows about writing, but how to teach writing. Whether published or unpublished you will be provided with peer review, instructor feedback, and a community of African-American writers in which to share ideas and solutions.

    8) Split This Rock

    Dedicated to revitalizing poetry as a living, breathing art form with profound relevance in our daily lives and struggles. Its programs integrate poetry of provocation and witness into movements for social justice and support the poets of all ages who write and perform this vital work.

    9) National Book Festival

    The Library of Congress’ annual 2-day festival featuring author readings, signings, panel discussions and much more.

    10) Riverby Books Capitol Hill Writing Workshop

    Writers of fiction, nonfiction and poetry meet weekly to meet other writers, share work, and get feedback on prose and verse. Each workshop meets for five weeks.

    Washington DC flagHelp us add to this list, Washingtonians! Do you run a local writing group or a lit journal we should be aware of? Feel free to share info and links in the comments section below.

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