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    KansasKansas, “The Sunflower State,” is up next in our series of State Writing Resources. Kansas’ motto is “Ad astra per aspera,” Latin for “A rough road leads to the stars.” (!) Kansas writing boasts luminaries like Elizabeth Gould Davis, the librarian who wrote The First Sex; Amelia Earhart (she was also a journalist, an editor, and published her journals and a memoir); sportswriter and Baseball Hall of Famer Damon Runyon; and Robert McAlmon, who wrote a book called Being Geniuses Together that is essentially a desperate attempt to portray himself as a relevant member of the Lost Generation, and is therefore quite funny.

    Presented in no particular order, here are ten Kansas writing resources, from conferences to local critique groups to literary magazines. If you live in the Sunflower State or are planning a move there, these are some organizations you might want to take a peek at during your rough journey to the stars.

    1) KS Writers, Inc.

    KS Writers, Inc. offers a home to writers wherever they are in their writing life. At meetings, they offer support and educational information about the writing craft and publishing, whether mainstream or online.

    2) Kansas Writers Association

    Informs, supports, encourages and promotes writers in Kansas and beyond.

    3) Kansas Authors Club

    Since 1904, the Club has offered writers the opportunity to share experiences and problems unique to their profession, not only to novices but also to authors of national reputation.

    4) Kansas Poets

    A resource for writers, readers and students of Kansas poetry.

    5) The Kansas Creative

    A webzine dedicated to celebrating, promoting and inspiring creativity within the state of Kansas.

    6) Flint Hills Review

    Flint Hills Review is an annual publication with a national circulation. They publish work with a particular interest in region, including regions of place, regions of ethnicity, regions of gender, and regions of memory.

    7) Brave Voice

    Through Brave Voice, Kansas Poet Laureate Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg and rhythm and blues singer-songwriter Kelley Hunt offer collaborative writing and singing workshops, retreats, consultations and performances, all rooted in the premise that finding, developing and sharing our voices–on the page or out loud–also brings greater vision to our lives and communities.

    8) Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction

    At the University of Kansas, a medium for data about science fiction, informed commentary, and news about science fiction in general.

    9) Kansas Press Association

    The newspapers of Kansas unite in the Kansas Press Association to preserve and expand a free flow of information to the public; to seek excellence in the practice of the profession of journalism; to serve as a forum for the exchange and presentation of technical and business information; to encourage a flow of career opportunities in all phases of the profession and industry; and to create a community dedicated to the proposition that strong, unfettered newspapers are the cornerstones of a democratic society.

    10) Wichita Area Romance Authors

    A group of authors who are serious about writing for publication. WARA was established to help writers realize their dream of being published and to provide support for writers of romantic fiction.

    Help us add to this list, Kansans! Do you run a local writing group or a lit journal we should be aware of? Feel free to share info and links in the comments section below.

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