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    ConnecticutNext up in our series of State Writing Resources is Connecticut. And typing–and then retyping, because I almost always eff it up–Connecticut always makes me think of this scene from the forgotten Woody Allen film Small Times Crooks, where Woody’s character, when presented with the opportunity to be tutored, in a way, by Hugh Grant’s character, says “I would like to learn how to spell Connecticut.”

    Anywho. Connecticut is known as “The Nutmeg State.” Do with that what you will. Among the writers with CT ties are the great Madeleine L’Engle, poet Russell Edson, whose readings are delightful, and Nina Wilcox Putnam.

    Presented in no particular order, here are ten Connecticut writing resources, from conferences to local critique groups to literary magazines. If you live in The Nutmeg State (snicker) or are planning a move there, these are some organizations you might want to take a peek at.

    1) Westport Writers’ Workshop

    Offers enriching, supportive creative writing workshops designed to nurture your creativity, inspire your imagination, and develop your writing skills.

    2) The Elizabeth Ayres Center for Creative Writing

    These online writing courses and East Coast retreats for writers give you nurturing instruction and supportive community.

    3) Long Ridge Writers Group

    Learn how to write both adult fiction and nonfiction in the course “Breaking into Print.” The group’s instructors are professional writers and editors who develop teaching plans for your individual needs and goals.

    4) Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association

    This organization’s goal is to help authors (and aspiring authors) improve their writing and marketing skills and increase the visibility and sales of their books, columns and articles by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and information.

    5) Wesleyan Writers Conference

    This conference welcomes new writers, established writers, and everyone interested in the writer’s craft. The program includes seminars, workshops, readings, panel discussions, and manuscript consultations, all designed to offer careful attention to your work.

    6) Yale Writers’ Conference

    A ten-day program of workshops, master classes, individual conferences and readings.

    7) Word for Words

    Seminars and workshops in the Danbury area.

    8) Central Connecticut Writers Group

    A group of writers who meet for critiquing each other’s work in and around Middletown.

    9) Institute of Children’s Literature

    For more than 40 years, the Institute of Children’s Literature has offered the premier writing course, books, and a newsletter to adults interested in learning how to write and be published for children and teens.

    10) Northern Connecticut Writers Workshop

    A Meetup group in the Somers area with 200+ writers. Meets every other week and welcomes writers of all levels and all genres.

    Help us add to this list, Nutmeggers! Do you run a local writing group or a lit journal we should be aware of? Feel free to share info and links in the comments section below.


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    Roy Wnek

    The Litchfield Community Writers Group is completing its 10th anniversary as a group. We meet monthly in Litchfield CT. Its members have a wide range of interests, including poetry, short stories, personal essays, historical fiction, memoirs, and autobiographical works. The group also publishes an annual “Best of” anthology of favorite stories, poems essays and other work. Membership in the group is open to positive and supportive writers of diverse genres and with varying skill levels.

    Justine Tal Goldberg

    Thanks, Roy. This is a great addition to the list!

    Melanie F

    The Mark Twain House’s Writing Program in Hartford, CT offers writing courses in fiction, non-fiction, and more..and hosts an annual writers conference in April. Course offerings are online at Mark Twain House website.

    Justine Tal Goldberg

    Thanks so much for this awesome addition, Melanie. We’ve added the Mark Twain House to our Connecticut resources for writers page at https://www.writebynight.net/connecticut/. I hope to visit very soon!

    Tish Fried

    Hi Justine,
    I wonder if you can add or workshop to your list. We’ve been teaching writing for 8 years in Westport, CT and have writers from all over Fairfield County. We offer writing courses in fiction, non-fiction, writing for children, poetry and screenwriting. We also have a Writers’ Retreat each summer.
    Thank you,

    Justine Tal Goldberg

    Sure thing, Tish. We’ve added Write Yourself Free to our Connecticut resources for writers page at https://www.writebynight.net/connecticut/. I hope it helps!

    Tish Fried

    That is so kind of you! Thank you.

    NaTanya Carroll

    What is the name/address of your business?

    This THURSDAY (12/3) in GOSHEN, CT
    5:30 – 7:30 pm the Northwest Connecticut Arts Council invites you to attend the workshop:

    Marketing 101 for Authors!!
    FOR MORE INFO & TO REGISTER: https://marketing4writers.eventbrite.com

    One of the BEST things an artist (from any medium) can do for themselves is to stay on top of the most up to date tools and resources that enables them to continue to promote themselves in the most relevant of ways!



    We are presenting a terrific program on May 7 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Emerging Writer’s Workshop & Luncheon at the Roger Sherman Inn, New Canaan, CT. Do you think you can publish our link for the program?https://www.facebook.com/events/943468412440752/

    David Duhr

    We’ll pop this up on Facebook. Thanks, Stacy!


    David, thank you so much! We so appreciate it. Come and join us if you can!


    Does anyone have information on writing seminars for a teenager interested in fiction writing? We are in New York about 20 minutes from Danbury, CT. would be willing to drive for a weekend workshop/seminar.

    Kevin Lahr

    Looking for a writer’s group near Bristol/Terryville area. I’m a beginning author of poetry and working on short fiction. Ultimately I would like to write a memoir.

    New professional theatre company Unquowa Repertory in Fairfield, CT is offering a five-day summer writing workshop which will assist teens (12-20) in developing professional script-writing skills through the framework of a ten-minute play. A duo of experienced theatre professionals will model the process by creating their own new works while concurrently guiding students through engaging step-by-step instruction. Applications are now open for the week-long intensive which is designed to teach students how to generate ideas, develop characters, structure a story, work with images and themes, and write dialogue, as well as how to give and take constructive feedback. Students will… Read more »

    Erinn Webb

    We also have a free writer’s group in Milford CT, which meets at the Fire House Gallery in Milford every other Thursday. We are part of the Milford Arts Council. If interested you can email me at ewebb @ualberta.ca

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