• Writing-Life Coaching

    You’ve heard of a writing coach and you’ve heard of a life coach. But what about… a writing-life coach.

    The literary waters are so difficult to navigate and the questions come in droves:

    — How do I find organization and structure in my literary life when my real life is utter chaos?

    — Why do inspiration and motivation disappear when I need them most?

    — Where can I find community? Accountability?


    It’s even harder to build a career:

    — Is it possible to make a living as a writer, an editor, a teacher, a reader?

    — Do I need an MFA? An MA?

    — What does it take to become a successful freelancer? A successful book author?


    In regular sessions designed to draw order from the chaos, you’ll work with WriteByNight’s owner and co-founder David Duhr in writing-life coaching to discuss whatever problems you’re coming across and how to handle ’em. Use me as your sounding board, your brainstorming partner, even your punching bag.

    We’ll identify your goals and we’ll hatch a plan for both the short-term future (i.e., the next session) and the long-term future (i.e., the rest of your life).

    Request a free consultation to start writing-life coaching today.


    Who Will I Work With?

    You can learn more about me at my WBN profile page.

    My literary career has been varied: fiction editor at three magazines; managing editor at two; copy editor at another. I’ve been a copywriter and a freelance writer and a book reviewer. I’ve judged story contests and I’ve run story contests.

    I got a B.A. in English with a focus on creative writing… at age 27. I took two workshops in an MFA and then dropped out, happily, taking from it what I needed and dodging the massive debt. I started a novel ten years ago. It’s taken dozens of different shapes and forms over the years. So has the multitude of stories I’ve started and never finished.

    And for fourteen years now, I’ve run your favorite friendly writer’s service.

    Whatever questions and obstacles you’re facing, there’s a good chance I’ve faced them. And can help you through them.


    What Will it Cost?

    Each 30-minute session will be only $49. That’s $196 a month if we have weekly chats; half that if we go bi-weekly.

    I’ll be available for brief email correspondence between sessions.

    (If you’re looking for consistent feedback on pages, you’re a good candidate for our standard coaching.)

    As always, no contracts or minimums, come and go as you please.

    Request a free consultation to start writing-life coaching today.