• Who You Are

    You are a writer, a reader, a lover of words and all things literary … or you want to be. You’re looking to foster your literary education and achieve your literary goals with valuable resources and services like private coaching, manuscript consultation, ghostwriting, publication assistance, and screenwriting services. You have a story to tell. You want to write better, right now.


    The Beginner

    You haven’t written a word yet, but you know that you are the next David Sedaris, Toni Morrison, James Frey.* So you’re ready to pick up a pen and become a writer … but you don’t know quite where to start.

    The Professional

    You are the current David Sedaris, Toni Morrison, James Frey.** You’ve published a few books and are wrapping up the next one, but you need another pair of eyes to dot the t’s and cross the i’s cross the t’s and dot the i’s.

    The In-Betweener

    You are on your way to becoming the next David Sedaris, Toni Morrison, James Frey.*** You have one or more creative projects in process, and are looking for guidance on how to complete them, improve them, make them sing.

    What You Write

    You are writing (or are interested in writing) in one or more of the following genres:

    • Fiction—You write literary fiction, science fiction, romance, paranormal fantasy, young adult. You write novels, or you write short stories.
    • Nonfiction—You write biography, history, politics, culture.
    • Memoir—You are penning the story of your life, or a story from your life.
    • Journalism—You have an article, column, or essay for magazines or newspapers.
    • Blog – You’re itching to launch your thoughts into cyberspace.
    • Screenplay—You have a director, you have the cast and crew, you’ve already chosen which film festivals to enter … you just haven’t finished the script.
    • Stageplay – You’ve chosen your outfit for opening night (which will be sold out, of course). If only your actors had a script …
    • Poetry—You know the difference between a couplet and a tercet.


    Why You Write It

    You aim to do one or more of the following:

    • Get published
    • Share your ideas
    • Beat writer’s block
    • Improve your book, short story, article, essay, screenplay, stageplay, or poetry
    • Finish your book, short story, article, essay, screenplay, stageplay, or poetry collection
    • Hone your craft
    • Make time for writing
    • Be more creative
    • Express yourself
    • Learn how to become a writer
    • Write better, right now


    Where You Live

    You live somewhere, right? (If you don’t, we’d be very interested to hear about that) You’re in luck. WriteByNight works with clients nationwide and worldwide.


    Request a free consultation today to learn how WriteByNight can help you achieve your creative potential and literary goals.


    *Please don’t be James Frey
    **Double please, don’t be James Frey
    ***Let’s not beat a dead horse