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    I finally made the decision to invest in myself (rather than buy more goats, alpacas, or horses) and it was the best move! Writing a synopsis and query were like these two huge walls I couldn't (and didn't want to) scale. From first contact with David Duhr, I have been so pleased with the assistance I received. Alex Myers read my novel and very quickly provided drafts of both the synopsis & query. I also had a Zoom meeting with John Sibley Williams and he made me feel comfortable right away - and also recommended additional edits. I had already accumulated an extensive agent list, but David provided a few more. I've submitted to 45 agents so far, and am gradually getting responses. One agent requested the full manuscript within hours of submitting a query, and while it turned out to be a pass, it's very encouraging to get personal feedback, rather than a form letter. So far all nos, but about half have sent personal notes that are much appreciated -and I know those responses are due to the work done by the WBN staff. Still waiting to hear back from about 3/4 of the agents I submitted to and I will never give up! Thank you so much!

    Tammy Howes Avatar Tammy Howes
    August 29, 2023

    The folks I have had the pleasure of working with at WBN have been exactly what I have needed to build my confidence in submitting my manuscript to agents. David Duhr provided effective communication throughout the process. He thoughtfully guided me to consultants he believed would be a good fit, and he was right. John Sibley Williams read my query letter and synopsis and gave prompt, thorough, supportive feedback. He also created a list of agents who were accepting submissions in my genre, which saved me critical time. Sara Zarr read the first ten pages of my manuscript, providing feedback that was essential to strengthen my writing. Her expertise clearly came through. Not only was I able to revise the first two chapters, but I was able to apply her suggestions to the rest of the manuscript. I highly recommend the WBN team. I will definitely use them again.

    Beth R Avatar Beth R
    August 10, 2023

    As debut authors, the best decision we’ve made in our writing journey was to partner with WriteByNight. Working with David Duhr and his professional and collaborative team has been a pleasure and exceptional every step of the way. David executed a comprehensive line-edit of our manuscript and made it very easy to understand. Natalya Sukhonos conducted a copy edit with meticulous attention to detail. Both of these edits together took our work to the next level. In pursuit of a traditional publisher, we partnered with David and John Williams in the crafting of a well-polished Query Letter and Synopsis. They worked together, going above and beyond providing the highest service. We highly recommend WrightByNight for your writing needs and service. You won’t be disappointed.

    Victoria Pannell Avatar Victoria Pannell
    July 19, 2023

    My initial WriteByNight consultation led me to Sara Zarr, who was extremely helpful, in her insightful beta read/critique, in getting me to better define not only the target audience for my work, but also the characters to get them more in tune with young readers. I can only say that I wish I'd heard about WriteByNight sooner!

    Phil Jordan Avatar Phil Jordan
    June 25, 2023

    I was very happy with all of the people I dealt with at WBN, from David Duhr, who was my point of contact throughout the process, to Alex Myers and Tom Andres, who helped me through two rewrites of my novel, pointing out sections that could be trimmed down or cut as well as areas that needed to be fleshed out, all while remaining enthusiastic and non-judgmental, and finally, to John Sibley Williams, who gave me valuable advice on how to approach agents as well as the proper way to write an agent letter and novel synopsis. At each stage of the process, they all managed to give me excellent feedback along with encouragement.

    Tom Ruane Avatar Tom Ruane
    May 21, 2023


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