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      5 star review  This business is a gem!! The people here are so friendly supportive and helpful! Justine was so kind and professional my writing coach Nick was the absolute best and went above and beyond to help me! Everyone at WriteByNight is excellent and I look forward to working with them on other projects! Best Brandi J

      thumb Brandi Johnson

      5 star review  When I reached out to WriteByNight's David Duhr in the Summer of 2015 about coaching me through my first experience writing a book, I was plagued with self doubt, anxiety and fear. Well, as a result of David's sage counsel (which he imparted on me via biweekly meetings which often doubled as therapy sessions) , I overcame those obstacles. And 18 months later, I delivered a manuscript I was immensely proud of. If you are a wary first-time author -- or a seasoned writer struggling to make lightning strike a second, third or fourth time — do not hesitate to contact WriteByNight.

      thumb Michael Ausiello

      5 star review  I came across WritebyNight via a Google search for 'creative writing consultant.' I had never shared my writing with anyone and was hesitant to ask if I could one day publish. I have been working with Nick Courtright who has given me the confidence to improve and to keep creating new material. Much of the professional advice that I have been given through coaching sessions, I would have originally thought the opposite. I appreciate the straightforward advice and real writing expertise. I feel more comfortable beginning new pieces and it is both exciting and helpful to have a professional review them. The feedback during coaching is always instructive and therefore beneficial. I plan to continue my work and one day publish.

      thumb elizabeth carmer

      5 star review  I stumbled across Write By Night when I began my search for an editorial service, and I’m glad I did! I had completed my eighth draft of an 85,000-word novel, and I felt like I could no longer see the forest for the trees. I was so immersed in my characters and plot, I wanted to know if the narrative held together for a first-time reader. Justine paired me with Tom. I was initially doubtful about her choice because I considered my novel female-centric. I didn’t think a male editor could give it a fair shake. I worried for naught. I was quite pleased with his detailed feedback. His critique was honest, encouraging, and detailed Our phone consultation was gratifying and extremely helpful. After his critique and advice, I tightened my manuscript and am now sending query letters. I highly recommend WBN. Justine is a consummate professional. I will use their services again.

      thumb paulette x zander

      5 star review  The minute that I discovered WriteByNight I knew it would be exactly what I needed to help me write my memoir. I’m a deadline-driven person, and I found that having a writing session every 2 weeks really keeps me on track as I extract memories from my brain to the page. I’ve been working with Resa for about 6 months now. She’s both my writing coach and cheerleader. My calls with her are constructive, we talk about what works and what needs a bit more attention. She’s so supportive and encouraging of what I’m writing that I’m revved up and ready to write more at the end of each call. That shot-in-the-arm of encouragement goes a long way, and I’m really making progress in getting my first draft done. Jody Picoult once said, “Everyone has a book inside of them - but it doesn't do any good until you pry it out.” If you’re interested in prying yours out, WriteByNight is a fantastic way to do so.

      thumb Brad Harris


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