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    I was very happy with all of the people I dealt with at WBN, from David Duhr, who was my point of contact throughout the process, to Alex Myers and Tom Andres, who helped me through two rewrites of my novel, pointing out sections that could be trimmed down or cut as well as areas that needed to be fleshed out, all while remaining enthusiastic and non-judgmental, and finally, to John Sibley Williams, who gave me valuable advice on how to approach agents as well as the proper way to write an agent letter and novel synopsis. At each stage of the process, they all managed to give me excellent feedback along with encouragement.

    Tom Ruane Avatar Tom Ruane
    May 21, 2023

    WriteByNight is an outstanding resource if you’re looking for professional editing, critiquing, or coaching. I am very appreciative to Darcie, Sara, and David. They provided me with excellent advice, comments, and direction in a speedy timeframe. David will guide you in finding the perfect editor for you work. I highly recommend this writing service.

    Teresa Donato Avatar Teresa Donato
    December 11, 2022

    There is so much to be said about my experience with Write by Night! First and for most however, is the fact that they are so welcoming with absolutely no judgement! I was so very nervous to start this journey with them, but the very moment I spoke with David, I started to feel at ease. He answered all of my questions no matter how ridiculous I thought I sounded, he was absolutely kind, and he maintained that stance the entire course. As someone who is still learning the ways of the writing world this was a big deal for me. Now, secondly, my instructor Arielle... Love, love, love! Her enthusiasm and kindness was amazing! She also helped me see new and different angles when it came to creating and adjusting the story I was working on. When I say this is the way constructive criticism SHOULD be. She offered ideas of improvement and when I was having a mental block she even helped me work through that in a way I never thought I would be able to. No, not everything was "perfect" with my works, but she didn't degrade my work, she gave me insight to find a better way of going about telling the story. For the amount of work they put in, for the way they hold themselves at a higher level of compassion, encouragement, and morale... they are extremely reasonable in every way. For any new and aspiring writers, or for those who have been in it a while, or even those just looking to try out the waters of the writing world... These are the people you want helping you along the way, 100%. They help step by step and like I said, answer any question you may have no matter how silly it may seem to you. Don't go down an internet rabbit hole looking for answers, stop right here, you found them!

    Raven Motley Avatar Raven Motley
    December 8, 2022

    I needed someone to dive right into my project and pick up on the momentum of my project understanding what was done and where the book could potentially go. Resa was fantastic in helping me in the development of my book through the second round of editing. Our weekly calls held me accountable in writing a chapter a week so we could discuss the progress. Resa was also like a coach through all this and helped me see my work in a different perspective. So awesome! Totally recommend for any writer wherever they are at in the process! :)

    Anthony Tenaglier Avatar Anthony Tenaglier
    December 5, 2022

    WBN is the real deal. My experience working with David and my Coach, author Alex Meyers, was one of the best decisions I ever made to better my writing. Alex helped me see bumps in my book I was blind to with insightful, flat out good coaching. I was able to rework my book and get it ready to submit. I highly recommend WBN to any writer who needs great guidance and coaching. And, they are just the kindest, coolest, easiest people to work with!

    Lisa Comella Avatar Lisa Comella
    December 3, 2022


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