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      5 star review  When I found Write By Night, I was desperate for some help with what I knew to be a worthy memoir. No one understood what I was attempting to do. I was not writing a book of poems. I was writing a memoir in verse because I cannot totally describe every detail of my surroundings from birth to 14 years in an abusive religious cult. Telling a story in verse allows me to tell the truth of it. I did not want to create filler lines to present a book written in traditional prose. I submitted 300 pages of an unfinished manuscript to Write By Night in June of 2019. They paired me up with an award winning poet, John Sibley Williams and over the next year an a half, while working full time as a Registered Nurse, wife, mother, grandmother, on call healer to a family of over 300, disrupted schedules and work expectations during the COVID pandemic, he helped me streamline that manuscript. He let me know when I lost him in vague thoughts, reined me in when I got too wordy, tried to write the story the way I want people to understand, helped me see that all I needed to do was tell my story and let my readers figure out the rest. He never missed a scheduled appointment. We met on Skype and Zoom. He critiqued what I submitted in writing and constantly encouraged me to continue. I almost gave up during the COVID crisis. John gently reminded me of the impact written words had on my life and how they pulled me from near loss of reason as a child. Finally, using Write By Night and John Sibley Williams, to research potential publishers and create a package of letters to submit to them, my lack of knowledge, did not become a hindrance to my publishing efforts. I submitted to 23 publishers on 12/23/20 and I was picked up by Adelaide Books by 01/14/21. My book, "The Serpent's Tail, will be released in January of 2022. I am humbled and grateful for this. I was able to do it with the professional, friendly, and super informed efforts of Write By Night and John Sibley Williams. Because of them I can say this...…. Thank You! Deb Thibodeau, Author!

      thumb Deborah Thibodeau
      May 24, 2021

      5 star review  When the COVID pandemic first took hold of our healthcare system, David Duhr offered on Twitter to help healthcare workers with their writing. David was gracious and very fast at helping me with an essay that found its way to a great publication. I have worked with him since and found his feedback valuable, gentle, and thought-provoking. Highly recommend.

      thumb Rachel Fleishman
      April 7, 2021

      5 star review  I shared my initial apprehension about revising & republishing my book with David. He was very supportive & understanding about my indecisiveness & gave me space to come to my own conclusions. When I finally made up my mind to go forward he put me in touch with Tom Anders who read my book & made suggestions about changes that could help make my writing flow tighter. I’m in process of revisions per his suggestions with plans to publish the revised copy. I trust David to guide me through the entire process to make it as pain free as possible. WritebyNight is an excellent venue to develop ones talent, edit, publish, & all things related to authorship. I now feel I have found the writing “home” I’ve been looking for. I highly recommend them to anyone aspiring to write or publish.

      thumb cheryl kesterson
      April 7, 2021

      5 star review  This business is a gem!! The people here are so friendly supportive and helpful! Justine was so kind and professional my writing coach Nick was the absolute best and went above and beyond to help me! Everyone at WriteByNight is excellent and I look forward to working with them on other projects! Best Brandi J

      thumb Brandi Johnson
      September 6, 2018

      5 star review  When I reached out to WriteByNight's David Duhr in the Summer of 2015 about coaching me through my first experience writing a book, I was plagued with self doubt, anxiety and fear. Well, as a result of David's sage counsel (which he imparted on me via biweekly meetings which often doubled as therapy sessions) , I overcame those obstacles. And 18 months later, I delivered a manuscript I was immensely proud of. If you are a wary first-time author -- or a seasoned writer struggling to make lightning strike a second, third or fourth time — do not hesitate to contact WriteByNight.

      thumb Michael Ausiello
      June 25, 2018


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