• Self-Publishing Coaching

    Get the lowdown on self-publication from a writing and publishing professional who knows the process inside and out. In just a few manageable sessions, learn step by step how to self-publish.

    What are the pros and cons of self-publishing? How much does self-publishing cost? How long does it take? How do I know if my book is ready? How do I figure out the technology? What happens once my book is published? Tackle these vital questions and many more. You’ll leave coaching ready to self-publish with confidence.

    Self-publishing coaching is fully customizable to meet your unique needs and goals. Tell us exactly what you want to learn and on what specific areas you want to focus our work. Sign on for one to three sessions (or more if you wish), depending on your learning goals.



    Preliminary Q&A to determine your needs, goals, preferences, and expectations
    Formal questionnaire to customize your coaching experience
    1-3 one-hour coaching sessions


    $150/session for first three, $99/session for additional sessions



    Request a free consultation to discuss your self-publishing coaching today