• Rhode Island Resources for Writers

    Here you’ll find a collection of resources for writers in Rhode Island, from conferences to local critique groups to literary magazines. If you’re looking for writing groups near you, writing workshops near you, creative writing classes near you, or simply a place to hang out with writers or submit your work, these are some Rhode Island writing organizations you might want to check out:



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    Association of Rhode Island Authors

    A nonprofit membership organization of local published writers of both fiction and nonfiction “committed to raising awareness of the outstanding written works crafted by writers in Rhode Island and other nearby communities.”


    Bryant Literary Review

    Founded in 2000, this is an annual publication offering new fiction and poetry.


    Endless Beautiful

    A writing workshop run by podcast producer Lucas Pralle and poet Carolyn Decker. Participants engage in writing exercises guided by audio recordings.


    Northeastern Writers Conference

    An annual convention that draws authors and editors, artists and fans from around the country. Past guests include Neil Gaiman.


    Ocean State Review

    An annual journal of fiction, poetry and nonfiction.


    The Poetry Loft

    A nonprofit organization of poets offering writing workshops, literary events, and publication.


    Providence Athanaeum

    A library and cultural center offering seminars, discussions and readings.


    Rhode Island Center for the Book

    A statewide organization devoted to promoting personal and community enrichment by celebrating the art and heritage of reading, writing, making and sharing books.


    Rhode Island Festival of Children’s Books & Authors

    This annual festival offers readings and seminars.


    Rhode Island Writing Project

    A network of teachers who are dedicated to the improvement of teaching and learning in all schools. Hosts an annual conference with seminars and discussions.


    What Cheer Writers Club

    A nonprofit offering community, writing classes, and co-working space in downtown Providence.


    Help us add to this list, Rhode Islanders! Do you know of writing groups near you, writing workshops near you, creative writing classes, or a Rhode Island literary journal we should be aware of? Let us know here