• Private Instruction

    WriteByNight teaches you how to write better (right now, of course) and ensure that you produce pages steadily. Work on short stories, essays, articles, poems, or another form of your choosing. You’ll submit writing on a regular basis according to achievable deadlines we’ll set up together; WBN will read and provide editorial feedback and commentary; then we’ll meet with you to discuss how the work may be improved. We’ll target specific craft issues you struggle with using the approach that is most appealing to you: assignments, writing exercises, readings, and/or good old-fashioned conversation.


    • Preliminary Q&A to determine your needs, goals, preferences, and expectations
    • Regular exchange of creative writing and professional feedback
    • Regular meetings to discuss feedback and develop craft
    • Optional extras like assignments, writing exercises, and readings


    $50/1-hr. meeting + $35/hr. for prep.


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    Private Instruction Reviews on Google Plus


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