• North Carolina Resources for Writers

    Here you’ll find a collection of resources for writers in North Carolina, from conferences to local critique groups to literary magazines. If you’re looking for writing groups near you, writing workshops near you, creative writing classes near you, or simply a place to hang out with writers or submit your work, these are some North Carolina writing organizations you might want to check out:



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    Burlington Writers’ Club

    Now in its 55th year, the Burlington Writers’ Club is a monthly writing group offering critiquing, contests and more.


    Carolina Quarterly

    Publishes a variety of poetry, fiction, essays, reviews and artwork three times a year.


    Cave Wall Press

    Published twice a year, offers poetry and black-and-white artwork.


    Charlotte Writers Club

    Supports the work of writers and promotes their development through education, recognition and community in celebration of the written word.


    Greensboro Review

    Founded in 1965, publishes poetry and fiction.


    Jargon Society

    Publishes books, sponsors programs in literature and the arts, and occasionally provides support for a poet or photographer who is deserving but unrecognized.


    NC Writers’ Network

    Sponsors three conferences each year—a spring conference in April, a writing residency in July, and a fall conference in late October or November. These conferences bring together hundreds of writers for writing workshops, readings, networking and lively discussion.


    North Carolina Haiku Society

    Founded in 1979 to promote the writing and appreciation of haiku in English. Offers readings and other events.


    North Carolina Literary Review

    Published annually by East Carolina University and the North Carolina Literary and Historical Association, it offers poetry, fiction and nonfiction by North Carolina writers, interviews with North Carolina writers, and articles and essays about North Carolina writers, literature, and literary history and culture.


    North Carolina Poetry Society

    Founded in 1932, this is an organization for poets and friends of poetry. Holds annual meetings and a poetry festival for its 400 members.


    Pamlico Writers’ Group

    Providing a forum for area writers to practice and hone their craft since 1978.


    Redbud Writing Project

    Offers six-week writing workshops and classes at community spaces in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and elsewhere in and around the Research Triangle. Writing workshops cover topics from fiction and memoir writing to revision and all aspects of the submission/publication process.


    UNC Wilmington Writers Week

    Annual event bringing together visiting writers of local and national interest, UNCW students, and members of the general public with an interest in literature and writing. Activities throughout the week include writing workshops, panels and readings.


    WCU Spring Literary Festival

    Brings local and distinguished national writers together for an annual event.


    Winston-Salem Writers

    A group of writers who write fiction, nonfiction, plays and poetry. Offers programs, writing workshops, critique groups, open mic nights, web-based writing, contests and writers’ nights out.


    Help us add to this list, North Carolinians! Do you know of writing groups near you, writing workshops near you, creative writing classes near you, or a North Carolina literary journal we should be aware of? Let us know here