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    Hey, so, I’m on a new books podcast about books and writing. It’s called Yak Babies.

    Why? I don’t really remember. I think we just liked the way it sounds. Plus yak = talk, and we’re basically just a group of adult babies.

    And it gave us the chance to create the handsome nerdy yak mascot you see on the left.

    If you want to get right to it, our first two episodes are available now. Here are a few spots to find us:

    Podbean: https://yakbabies.podbean.com/

    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-yak-babies-book-podcast/id1374314094

    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-392414819

    Or plug this RSS link into your favorite podcasting app: https://yakbabies.podbean.com/feed/


    Background & Format

    My co-hosts are Aaron Block and “Brick Road.” Since meeting in grad school a decade ago, we’ve worked and played together in various literary capacities: websites, lit journals, writing groups, previous podcasts.

    This time around, we’re shooting for shorter and more frequent episodes.

    The plan is to release one new bite-sized episode per week, typically no more than half an hour. In some shows we’ll cover what we’re currently reading; others will be story clubs and comic book discussions; many will feature discussion topics such as whether a creative writing MFA is worth the price tag (look for that one next Thursday, 4/26!), who reads literary magazines and why, and whether complicity is inherent to fandom.

    And occasionally we’ll offer some fun bonus material over the weekend: games and other nonsense, ridiculous hot mic moments, that kind of thing.


    Episode One

    In the first Yak Babies episode, “Books That Grew Us Up,” the three of us introduce ourselves and then talk about the books that made us who we are. I choose Johnny Tremain, no shock to those of you who know me. Brick talks about Watership Down, and Aaron walks us through The Martian Chronicles.

    Your turn: What are some of your formative/foundational books, and what makes ’em so? Let us know below.


    Episode Two

    In Episode 2 we talk about what we’re reading now: Brick discusses Howard Jacobson’s Pussy, Aaron takes a look at some comic books, and I talk about a few story collections, as well as my general difficulty with reading collections.

    Your turn: What are you reading now, and does it get a thumbs up or a thumbs down?



    Yak Babies and WriteByNight are not affiliated; my involvement is the only connection. Views and opinions expressed on the show — even by me! — do not necessarily reflect those of WriteByNight.

    Also, we’re not always SFW, as the kids say. There will be plenty of swearing, and some episodes will be marked explicit for good reason.


    More Links & Contact Info

    You can find us on social media:

    We’re on Twitter: https://twitter.com/YakBabies

    We’re on Tumblr: https://yakbabies.tumblr.com/

    And if you have any thoughts, complaints, questions, and/or suggestions, or just want to let me know you listened, you can reach me directly by email at david[at]writebynight.net.

    Hey, direct access to a co-host. What could go wrong?


    WriteByNight co-founder David Duhr is copy editor and fiction editor at the Texas Observer and has written for books for the Dallas Morning News, the Iowa ReviewElectric Literature, and others.

    WriteByNight is a writers’ service dedicated to helping you achieve your creative potential and literary goals. We work with writers of all experience levels working in all genres, nationwide and worldwide. If you have a writing project you’d like help with or an idea to get off the ground, check out our coaching, editing, and publication services.

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    I liked Martian Chronicles as a boy, so that would be one
    of mine too. It’s a nice show, why is it sex and presidents?

    Barb w

    Loved it. You guys have fun.

    My formative book, A Wrinkle in Time. I could talk about it on a podcast for hours and hours.

    I’m scared of the movie. What if it’s terrible?

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