• Writing in Pajamas

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    Don’t lie–you’ve done it. Maybe in a onesie (footed or non), maybe in some boxers and a tee-shirt, or boxers and no shirt, or shirt and no boxers, or in a matching set of Mickey/Minnie Mouse-printed flannels. Whatever you wear to bed, you’ve also spent entire days wearing it out of bed, in your writing nook, scribbling away in blissful comfort.

    But does it harm your writing?

    Andrew Tilin thinks so, and next Tuesday night at WriteByNight he’s going to tell us all why in a seminar entitled “How Do You Write? becoming the writing machine you’ve always wanted to be.”

    This is a seminar for those of us who struggle to find organization in our writing lives. i.e., it’s a seminar for all of us. Because really, do you know a single writer who doesn’t grouse about his/her efficiency? Andrew will help you discover your best time of day for writing, your ideal surroundings (home? coffee shop? morgue?), and how to cast off those pesky bad habits weighing down your prose.

    “How Do You Write?” runs from 6:30 to 9:00 on Tuesday the 18th. $55, $45 for members.

    You’re welcome, but not required, to attend in your pajamas.

    In the meantime, anyone care to share with us some bad habits that weigh down your writing?

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