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    To follow up on Dan’s post about the importance to writers of creating a Twitter account, I’d like to lay out just a few writers, editors, publishers and litmags to follow. This is in no way meant to be comprehensive–it’s just a quick list of people whose Tweets we enjoy, and/or find informative and helpful in navigating the creative writing world.

    A few local (Austin) writers:

    Amelia Gray is loads of fun. Be prepared for very much of this: “the fact that c is for cookie remains good enough for me.” And then check out her books. Museum of the Weird is especially flavorful.

    James Hynes, author of Next (one of our favorites). “My cats actually write my books,” he tweets. “I just put my name on them.” Them’s some damned talented kitties.

    Austin Kleon, whose Newspaper Blackout was the #6 bestselling poetry book of 2010 (and who I interviewed recently at Fringe). He’s always throwing out good quotes and amusing photos/illustrations.

    The Texas Observer. I mean, come on.

    American Short Fiction. Expect nothing but good stuff from Austin’s favorite literary magazine.

    A few from wider Texas (“wider Texas?” Is that even a phrase?):

    Brad Green is an editor at decomP and PANK, and just a flat-out good writer.

    — And who could forget Dan L. Hays?

    — Also, follow Gulf Coast for all the latest from that wonderful mag.

    The rest are just good writers to know:

    Heidi Durrow, whose The Girl Who Fell From the Sky was one of the better novels of 2010. And who I also interviewed at Fringe.

    — Let’s not forget our friends at Chamber Four, who throw up a lot of good industry news.

    — Perhaps it’s nostalgia, but we sure are glad to be following Boston’s Grub Street.

    — It’s going to be fun watching Anomalous Press grow.

    And since I’m running out of time, here are a few more in paragraph form:

    Matt Salesses, Roxane Gay, Ethel Rohan, Alan Heathcock, Richard Melo, Alexander Chee, Andrew Shaffer (and his evil twin), Meakin Armstrong, Steve Himmer, and Kevin Sampsell.

    And how about adding a little WriteByNight to your day?

    (That’s right, this entire post has been leading up to one thunderous plug)

    Have your own ideas about good writers, editors and creative writing institutions to follow? Leave ’em in the comments below.

    And join us tomorrow for another edition of “Dear WBN.”


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