• Justine Covers Writer’s Block at Firepole Marketing

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    Writer's block is scary

    Yes Scout, writer’s block is scary

    In case you missed it, on Friday Firepole Marketing ran a blog post from our own Justine Tal Goldberg, “The Truth About Writer’s Block: Common Misconceptions, Causes, and Remedies That Actually Work.”

    “Well, what the hell’s it about?” you might be wondering, because the title is so very vague. Well, the post is about writer’s block, and she discusses the common misconceptions, causes, and remedies for writer’s block that actually work. See, as an undergrad Justine had a serious case of the yips, during which she was “stuck, paralyzed, unable to commit even a single word to the page.”

    But eventually she wrestled her way out of it–“The good news is, I overcame writer’s block and you can, too.”

    The rest of the post covers a wide range of writer’s block root causes, symptoms, cures. If you’re struggling in any way to put words on the page, bookmark her post and use it as a reference.

    And don’t forget to answer Justine’s questions at the end, either on the Firepole site or down below:

    “How about you? Which common cause of writer’s block feels like yours? What remedies have you tried in the past? What will you try now? Let me know in the comments below.”

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