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    To those of you visiting us for the first time, welcome to the website that we’ve always, always had. Now stop reading this post and go look around.

    To all of you friends and clients (is there a difference?) who have been with us before, we are very excited to welcome you to our new site. First of all, you’ll notice that you are reading this post on our actual website. What a novel concept, no? A company’s blog on its actual main website, instead of off by itself in a dark, dusty corner of the Internet? We at WriteByNight are not afraid to be revolutionaries.

    We hope you find the new WBN.net to be a vast improvement over the past two editions–that long-ago initial site which we created ourselves and which looked like a high-school project; and our previous site, with its ill-fated white text against the dark and spooky black-and-blue background (we called it “The Moody Bruise”).

    This site also introduces some new offerings, so take a peek. We’ve added a few Membership perks as well, and now have a secret (shhh!) Discounts page. Also, the home page features a slideshow with photos of some of your fellow WriteByNighters hard at work in their natural habitats, so stop in anytime you need some visual inspiration.

    Like with any new website, there will be a few kinks to work out. But for now, we’re very pleased.

    We’re also going to do our darnedest to blog every single freakin’ day, so make sure to subscribe to our feed. (Is that right? “Subscribe to our feed?” Subscribe to our blog? Whatever–we’re writers, we don’t have time to become familiar with all this techno-jargon. Point is, check back here every day).

    Not to get all maudlin on you guys, but we couldn’t have done this without help from a number of lovely people. The fine folks at Shelton Interactive were lifesavers, and without them you’d probably be reading this post on The Moody Bruise. (Actually, without them this post wouldn’t even exist. What a crushing blow to blogging that would’ve been). A giant thank you to Rusty Shelton and Christina Honea.

    And to our wonderful intern Brett Fowler, who put in an enormous amount of time and dealt with a mountain of frustrations, much of it on her own time. We gave her a project and she knocked it out of the park. What more can you ask from an intern? Or from anyone?

    So, thanks for stopping in, WriteByNighters. Later this week on the blog, a recap of Saturday’s Texas Observer Writers’ Festival (a smashing success) and the afterparty here at WriteByNight (there may or may not have been a keg stand or two). We’ll also be exploring the blurry line between fiction and nonfiction, and then next Monday we have a major surprise planned. So don’t go anywhere.

    Well, you can go other places in the meantime. But come back.

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