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    As writers we know that getting feedback is a necessary evil that we all must go through if we want to become the next famous writer. But if you don’t have the time to sit through a writers critique group, or are just an extremely un-social person with a strong distaste for sitting in a circle and shifting through coffee-stained manuscripts, there is a solution for you, and that solution is Voices in Space.

    Voices in Space is a free literary forum where writers of any experience level can post their work, and BAM!, receive immediate commentary and feedback from a wide range of literary enthusiasts. This makes for an easy and pain-free way to workshop your writing and improve your craft, all from the comfort of your home.

    We  have already jumped on board of this exciting adventure by creating our own VIS group. Here, WriteByNighters can upload their work and receive comments from others in the group. This makes for a more centralized forum of critique, and gives you the opportunity to read works from fellow WBNers.

    So if you want to try out your writing on a few people in a casual, non-confrontational and non-awkward scenario, VIS is a great place to do it. They are actively providing writers of all levels the platform to get exposure for their work, as well as helpful critique aimed at improving their craft. Don’t have any writing to share? No problemo! Read the works of others and flash your literary genius. Some writer, somewhere, with their face warm from the glow of their computer screen, will thank you … or they will curse you out. Either way your helpful feedback will be improving the art and craft of literature, which is always a good thing.


    Katie’s work has been featured in Austin Lifestyle Magazine, Redbook Magazine, Thrillist.com, and Homerun.com. She is also excited to be contributing to the new Austin publication BE Mag, launching its first issue this November. Prior to moving to Austin, Katie worked as an associate producer for an NBC affiliate in South Florida.

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