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    Four little birdsDear WBN:

    Your post on who to follow on Twitter was okay, but in a future post can you tell us why it’s important for a writer to have a Twitter page? Because I hear all sorts of good and bad about Twitter, and it seems like maybe it’s a waste of time.

    Alice F.

    Enid, OK


    DD: Thanks for writing, Alice. I’m glad you found my post to be so adequate (insert smiley-face emoticon here to show that I’m being sarcastic, but in a cute, pleasant way).

    That post was sort of a follow-up to a post from the day before from writer Dan L. Hays, who laid down his ideas on the importance of Twitter. But it is an interesting topic, and I can see it becoming a future blog post.

    However, if you’re anxious for answers, there are already a ton of other blog posts and articles on the topic. This simple Google search can get you started.


    Dear WBN:

    I like your videos, but what’s with the backgrounds? One minute you’re like in Greece, the next minute you’re flying over the ocean. I would suggest to just have a blank background, or something like an open book, or any kind of static backdrop that has something to do with the topic. It’s much easier to watch.

    P.S. Stuart misses you guys!

    Dan P.

    Stuart, FL

    DD: Aw, thanks Dan. We miss Stuart, too. Except maybe in the summer. Except not really, because every day here is 110 degrees.

    As to the videos, your reaction is not an uncommon one. The thing is, we don’t create these vids, a really cool company in Austin called PsycheTruth does. We shoot in their office against a green screen, and they do all the editing, all the posting, the promo … pretty much everything. The backgrounds aren’t really our call. We just steal the videos and put them on our own YouTube channel (which you should subscribe to, because we’re soon going to start doing some cool stuff with it).

    That said, yesterday PsycheTruth posted a new one, a video of me prattling on about a book of poetry. The background is an open book, just like you suggested. You must be some kind of swami. (“Swami”? Is that what I mean?)

    Now can you suggest that we hit the lottery or something? Let’s use this talent of yours.


    Dear WBN:

    The WriteByNighter of the Month is nice, but how about finding a way to give all your Florida people a chance? I’ve been in your workshops, I go to the parties, I tell my friends about you guys. I hate to sound like “What’s in it for me” and I’m mostly just pulling your leg, but the prize shouldn’t be only for people living in Austin.

    Janet O.

    Stuart, FL


    DD: Geez, the whole town of Stuart came together this week to send us questions.

    Justine and I have talked about that issue, Janet. You’re right, the WBNer of the Month is a bit discriminatory. Still, non-Austinites have ways of winning freebies. We always have trivia questions in our newsletter (which I know you subscribe to), and we also run occasional little contests on Facebook and Twitter. The last time we did so, the winner (should have, except she lives in Korea now and we haven’t worked it out yet) received a free litmag.

    So there are plenty of other ways to benefit from our staggering generosity.

    Or you can make the drive from Stuart to Austin. We’ve done it. It’s a breezy breeze.



    To get your burning questions answered, email them to me with “Dear WBN” in the subject line. Do it now, before you forget. And before we run out of questions and have to start making these up, which would be ridiculous.

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    Is there a “write by night” chapter in Stuart. I’m an amateur writer and someone told me to contact this group.

    Justine Tal Goldberg

    Hi, Patrick. WBN doesn’t have a physical branch in Stuart, but we work with writers nationwide. I sent you an email. Let’s chat!

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