• The Outcasts: Chapter One

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    (The following novel excerpt comes to us from Jennifer Cowhill, a WBN private instruction client in Palm City, Florida. While completing a novel is impressive all on its own, the fact that 16-year-old Jennifer composed this 30,000-word manuscript in only two months is simply mind-boggling. And guess what? It’s good. Really good. But don’t take our word for it. Dive in and decide for yourself.)


    The Outcasts: Chapter One


    “Father, how is my clone doing?”

    Gordon glanced up from his nearly finished potion at his adopted son’s voice echoing through the cave. “Well, I haven’t visited him yet today,” he replied. “And since the sun is out, I can’t go check on him now.”

    The sound of shuffling feet ricocheted off the cave walls as the elf boy approached the vampire and sat beside him on the floor, the flickering light from the tiny candles making his skin glow. “But he’s almost finished, isn’t he? Shouldn’t you check on him more often in case the time comes?”

    “I suppose,” the doctor agreed as he dropped the last of the herbs into the glass vial and capped it. “But if we will be checking on the clone more frequently, I will need you to do it.” He held the finished potion out to his son and instructed: “Take this potion to the Healing Tree and feed it to him. But Bill, promise me you’ll stay out of trouble.”

    Bill’s eyes lit up with excitement; he never thought he’d be able to visit his clone by himself. “I promise,” he replied with a wide grin.

    The elf grabbed the vial and sprang to a stand, then bolted toward the cave entrance. His eyes burned at the sudden burst of light as he made his way outside, but he continued to sprint half-blinded through the forest toward the Healing Tree—he knew the path pretty well. He darted past a huge oak tree, leapt over a small creek where children were wading, and followed the familiar trail to his destination.

    Bill’s vision cleared as he got used to the sunlight, and before him stood the Healing Tree in all its glory. It towered over all the trees in the forest and sported a huge burst of bright green leaves to ensure that nothing could top it. The elf was sure that this tree was made entirely out of vines, since its trunk looked like a huge, tangled mess with thick vines dangling to the ground from its branches.

    When Bill approached the gargantuan plant, he noticed several forest inhabitants using the knotted trunk or fallen leaves to heal their children’s wounds. One young elf girl had a huge gash on her arm that her mother treated by dabbing the blood with a leaf, and the cut disappeared. A wolf boy limped on all fours and appeared to have a broken leg, but he approached the trunk and pressed the injured limb against it, then got up and walked away like nothing had happened.

    The elf boy rounded the Healing Tree to the back where it was completely deserted. The only sign of life was a body entangled in the tree’s trunk from the waist up with vines tied to its wrists for support. Bill approached the unconscious elf that was his clone and examined him carefully. He was surprised by how strikingly similar the duplicate looked to him: same smooth lips, same slender nose, same black hair, same pointed ears—his eyes were closed, but Bill was sure that their color was identical to his as well.

    “It can’t be too long now, Tom,” Bill told the clone. “Soon enough you’ll awaken, and we can explore this forest together.”

    He uncapped the vial full of murky yellow liquid that he had been carrying and lifted it to Tom’s lips. After grabbing hold of the elf clone’s long black hair, he tilted his head back and carefully poured the potion into his mouth and down his throat. Bill wasn’t entirely sure what the fluid was or what it did, but his father had a reason for everything he put into the cloning project.

    After the last traces of the potion had slipped into Tom’s stomach, Bill let go of his head and jabbed the cap back onto the vial. “Goodbye, Tom,” he told the elf body upon leaving. “I hope you’ll come to life soon.”

    [Tune in tomorrow for the second half of Chapter One]


    Jennifer Cowhill is 16 years old. She attends Martin County High School where she excels in art, English,  and history. Her hobbies include writing, drawing, and listening to rock music. She is a lover of all animals. Jennifer loves to write, fantasy most of all. Jennifer lives in Palm City, FL with her parents, brother, and two guinea pigs.

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    […] we featured original work from WBN client Jennifer Cowhill, the first half of the first chapter of her novel The Outcasts. […]

    […] we featured original work from WBN client Jennifer Cowhill, the first half of the first chapter of her novel The Outcasts. […]

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