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    Here are this week’s forecasted high temps in Austin:

    M: 97

    T: 91

    W: 92

    R: 94

    F: 96

    Nice to see that Tuesday/Wednesday cold snap, huh? That’s some real walkin’ around weather. But pretty soon it’s going to get all warm up in here, and every one of us will want to hide in our air conditioned hovels and wait it out until September October November. But we can’t! Because even writers need to socialize with the other humans once in a while.

    Which is why we’re offering steady summer programming for y’all. Because if you must leave your apartments and mingle with humans, what better setting in which to do it than one with fully-functioning AC and a dozen other social awkwards.

    (Note: I end that sentence with a period because it’s not really a question.)

    This Thursday is Grammar For Creative Writers: It doesn’t have to suck. Learn how to use em dashes, semicolons, and other nonsense punctuation. Affect vs effect, lie vs lay. Sentence diagramming. Sounds like a chore, right? We promise it won’t be. In fact, we dare you to not have fun.

    For more on grammar, read this recent post I wrote for the PWA blog.

    In July we’re offering a workshop called What Poetry Can Do For You. Prepare for a fast-paced crash course intro to poetry, with the aim of providing both a historical and technical background to poets to build their work, and for prose writers to see how the lessons of the world’s oldest written art form apply to them.

    And for all you wallflowers/shrinking violets, in August we’ll be offering a course to help shy writers give public readings. (Scary, right? Sounds more appropriate for October and Halloween.)

    Look for details on these two in the coming weeks on our Events page.

    If you have ideas for seminars or workshops you’d like to see at WBN, you’re always welcome to drop us a line.

    If you start cool, you’ll stay cool. And nothing’s cooler than hanging out at WriteByNight.

    Yeah, I said it.



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