• Stop Reading. Watch Some TV

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    In the spirit of the CW network’s slogan “TV now! TV now!” we’re offering up a few videos today. So put down those damn books, you nerds, and tune in.

    WBN friend Jennifer Spiegel talks about her two books, Love Slave and The Freak Chronicles, on ASU’s Books & Co.

    Aleksander Hemon & Colum McCann, two of our favorites, chat about writing. (Okay, this isn’t TV. This is active listening. Sorry.)

    Our Chamber Four pals have some excellent new podcasts up. Find all episodes of “The Page Count” here.

    Yes, both of those last two are audio. See how I lure you in with promises of visual entertainment and then pull the old switcheroo? (Is this the old switcheroo, or is this a newer version? I don’t have a handy definition of the original switcheroo.)


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