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    mccollHere at WriteByNight we’ve talked and written extensively about the writing process, but never have we quite boiled it down as poetically as our newest writing coach/consultant, Sarah McColl, who tells us, “I like working individually with a writer through every part of the process: inspiration, frustration, excitement, tedium, resistance, light-bulb moments when things start to click, curiosity, discovery, satisfaction, and joy.”

    (Which stage are you currently in? Which is your favorite stage? Let us know in the comments below!)

    Sarah’s work has appeared in publications such as the South Dakota Review, Bon Appetit and Edible Brooklyn. Like many writers, editing and revision are the most challenging aspects of the writing process. The hardest part, Sarah says, is “Knowing when a sentence or section isn’t working and then re-envisioning solutions.”

    As for her reading habits, Sarah says “It’s kind of like that Netflix characterization: Your viewing history indicates a preference for dramas with a strong female lead.”

    Among Sarah’s favorite writers who fit that bill are Lucy Maud Montgomery, Sarah Manguso and Joan Didion.

    (Who are some of your favorite strong female leads in literature? Let us know below.)

    Sarah earned a B.A. from Macalester College and an M.F.A. from Sarah Lawrence, and now resides in Brooklyn.

    If you’re interested in having Sarah McColl be, as she puts it, your “co-traveler and guide” along the writing journey, request a free consult today.

    To learn more about Sarah, read this Q&A.


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    I’m currently, and almost always, in “curiosity.” Shouldn’t
    we all be? My favorite is probably “inspiration.” But it’s
    elusive too often.


    I hear you on elusive inspiration. Sometimes looking for it is like trying to not think of a pink elephant. But I do love when it serendipitously arrives when I’m least expecting it!


    I love LMM. Anne Shirley was my favorite character of any kind while growing up. And you know what? I’m not sure anyone has passed her on that list since. Avonlea was my favorite book from that series.


    Did you ever read Emily of New Moon? She is also such a winning character!

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