• Staff Spotlight: Sam Severn

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    SSevern_NYCToday we’d like to introduce you to the colorful and talented Sam Severn, our latest addition to the WriteByNight ghostwriting staff.

    Sam comes to us from Snohomish, Washington, where, he tells us, he has “continued my holy quest to remain positively the lamest heavy metal guitar player still alive.”

    He may be lame with a guitar, but he’s anything but when it comes to consulting with writers. Among the best-selling books Sam has been involved in are Tears for My City and Serafina and the Twisted Staff.

    “Every time I hit my keyboard it’s a high-octane one-lane highway to the Heaven of my imagination, and a trip straight to the Dark Side,” Sam says. “Each keystroke is a high-wire act, each brainstorm a hair-raising chance that I’ll crash and burn, each page a shot at reaching my highest ground and full-tilt glory. And each sentence is a chance to hold nothing back.”

    No surprise, then, that Sam’s advice to writers is similarly charged.

    “Never surrender,” he says. “Face your fears. Trust in your dreams. Believe you can achieve the unbelievable. Writing is a holy occupation.

    “Devote yourself to it.”

    We agree. Read a full Q&A with Sam to get to know him better, and if you’re interested in having Sam ghostwrite your next project, request a free consult now.


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