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    What's up with all these cock 'n' ball stories?

    What’s up with all these cock ‘n’ ball stories?

    Our latest Micro Fiction Challenge, “sorcery,” brought in eleven stories, most of them involving either penes and/or testicles (no surprise coming from this group) or dead people (no surprise coming from this group). Some are funny, some are punny, and one uses the keyword 22 times.

    Honorable mention goes to Ava Love Hanna and Jake Gordon for making us titter, and to Nate St. Pierre for refraining from closing his piece with a dead-baby joke.

    But there can only be one winner, and that winner is … G.W. Schulz! For the following story: “His campaign to make ‘sorcery’ a trending hashtag was undermined by news that Justin Bieber was now old enough to sit on his own balls.”

    Funny, yes, but also the judges were left wondering why the writer surrounds his/her story with quote marks. Is this dialogue? If so, who is speaking? And to whom is he/she speaking? Is the writer quoting his/her own story? Is this an excerpt, perhaps, from a longer work about hashtags and Bieber balls? If so, may we see it?

    We’re so intrigued that we couldn’t help but choose this piece as winner, if for no other reason than to get an explanation from the writer.

    So, G.W., you have won books 1-4 of the Harry Potter series, which you can claim at WriteByNight by stopping in during our open hours. (Listed here.)

    The rest of you, thanks for playing. Stay tuned for the next Micro Fiction Challenge, due to go online … I don’t know. Sometime.


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