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    Free Books at WriteByNightAs Micah put it so well (asshole!), we sinecures at WBN have been lagging a little. We got plenty of good entries for the latest challenge (“sinecure“), an even mix of genuine attempts at fun storytelling and sloppy silly sarcasm. Two things we love evenly, mind you.

    But! There can only be one winner. (And sometimes two.) And that winner is …

    Martin Barkley!

    And Carrie Winters!

    And Micah Webster!

    And Ava Love!

    That’s right, gang. Oh what fun. See, we have so many books to give away, and it’s so hard to choose a winner, and we’re such sinecures, that this week we’ve chosen a fearsome foursome of winners.

    Martin wins for invoking one of our favorite writers: “Agoraphobia offered him a sinecure; like Flannery O’Connor, he’d live in the boonies, observe life from a distance, and write like a god.”

    Carrie wins for timeliness, and for letting it all hang out: “No time for this: gotta get to the Texas Statehouse and watch the sinecures at play! You know, cutting funding, shitting on women, et fucking cetera.”

    Micah wins for stroking our Micro Fiction egos while at the same time criticizing our sloth: “The WriteByNight sinecures malingered like rantipoles, but eventually their fey duende led them to post the results of this challenge, before we all self-defenstrated.”

    And Ava wins for making us laugh at Austin: “A sinecurist wanting an easy career, Rob entered the low-stakes world of mustache grooming and lived his dream—until the mustachioed hipsters moved to town…

    I know we’ll see one of you Wednesday night at Publishing in Lit Journals. (Still a couple seats open, FYI.) The other three, drop me an email at david[at]writebynight.net and we’ll set up a time for you to come raid our collection of free books.

    And stay tuned for a new Micro Fiction Challenge with a new prize. (Subscribing to our blog is an excellent way to ensure that you never miss a step.)

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