• Shower Scene (Sorry, No Nudity)

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    Now that we’ve ended our Writings From a Past Life series with a bang, it’s time to launch right into our next one. No flies on WBN.

    As writers with whole lots of other *^&%$ going on in our lives, we’re sometimes forced to get creative in places that don’t get the juices flowing. You’ve been there too, right? You’re up against a freelance deadline, or a character from a short story is burning a hole in your psyche and you must get some words down … but you’re stuck at the bus terminal. Or the dentist’s office, or the grocery store. Or you’re getting your teeth cleaned while on the bus en route to the grocery store. It can be hard to drum up inspiration in foreign spaces, and your mind drifts back to that comfy cozy couch at home, or your favorite corner table at the local cafe … or your shower.

    We want to know where you feel at home as a writer. Better yet, we want to see where you feel at home as a writer, and to read a couple paragraphs about why. That’s why our next series is called Writer’s Habitat. For the next few Mondays, we’ll be showing you pictures of writers getting their muse on in places where they’re most likely to make a creative breakthrough. Email your own photos to me, put “Writer’s Habitat” in the subject line, tell us why this spot sings to you (and why you’re so capable of singing while in it), and we’ll feature your pic and words in a future Monday post.

    Our first Writer’s Habitat comes from Ariel O’Brien, who spends equal time clothed and unclothed in her home shower:


    Have you ever noticed that some of your best ideas develop in the shower? Well they do for me! I don’t know whether it’s the acoustics that make my singing sound better, or the lingering smell of my cherry blossom body wash, but I know that I feel relaxed and at ease sitting in the tub, and my thoughts seem to flow more freely. Plus, the privacy of the bathroom is calming and allows me to get lost in my creativity. One word of advice to anyone thinking about giving my writing spot a try: Make sure the tub is dry before you sit down…


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