• Running Over Resolution Roadblocks: How to Set, Start, & Complete Your Writing Projects in 2012

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    According to our knowledgeable friend the Internet, only 8% of people are always successful in sticking to their New Year’s resolutions. We don’t all make them, but I do. Counted among my (wildly unsuccessful) New Year’s resolutions are: quit smoking (excuse me while I take a puff); be nicer to my mother (when she stops nagging, I’ll stop yelling); and, of course, write more. Some years I write more than others, but this has very little to do with what promises I did or did not make to myself at the stroke of midnight between December 31st and January 1st. Rather, the intensity of my literary output has to do with whether or not I put out … literarily, that is. This has nothing to do with New Year’s magic and everything to do with planning. Strategy, ladies and gentleman, is key.

    And no one knows more about strategy than WBN friend and When I Grow Up Coach Michelle Ward. This sassy, Brooklyn-based lady helps creative people who are at a crossroads between their passions and their grown-up careers. Whether you’re an accountant with the soul of a poet or a real estate agent who just wants to dance, Michelle will get you rhyming or boogieing in no time.

    For those of you with the literary bug, Michelle and I are offering a 90-minute teleseminar to prove to you once and for all that New Year’s resolutions are bull*$#! and arm you with some powerful alternative methods of being productive in the new year. We’ll cover how to start your creative projects, how to keep going, and how to finish; we’ll answer questions live during the session; we’ll even provide an ebook chock-full of interactive worksheets and guides so you can take the lessons and make them your own.

    So if you’re down with making 2012 your most productive year yet, join us live on December 6th for a resolution-busting workshop you won’t soon forget. Your writing—and your mother—will thank you for it.

    Running Over Resolution Roadblocks:

    How to Set, Start, & Complete Your Writing Projects in 2012

    WHEN: Tuesday, December 6, 4 p.m. Pacific/6 p.m. Central/7 p.m. Eastern

    WHERE: the comfort of your own home via telephone

    INCLUSIONS: 90-minute teleseminar, Q&A, event recording, e-book

    PRICE: $39

    Can’t join us live on December 6th? Don’t fret! All registrants will receive a recording of the seminar via email within 48 hours of the live event.

    Click here to learn more.

    Register for This Workshop!


    Michelle Ward, aka The When I Grow Up Coach, helps creative people devise the career they think they can’t have – or discover it to begin with! A certified life coach by the International Coach Academy, a musical theater actress with her BFA from NYU/Tisch, and a Corporate America escapee, Michelle has served as an expert source and contributor for such outlets as Newsweek, Forbes, and Psychology Today, as well as leading workshops and seminars at SXSW 2011 and the sold-out Etsy Success Symposium. She encourages everyone to claim their uniquity via The Declaration of You and could be found coachin’, bloggin’ & givin’ away free stuff at whenigrowupcoach.com.


    WriteByNight owner Justine Tal Goldberg is an award-winning writer and editor of both fiction and nonfiction. Her short stories have appeared in Anomalous Press, Whiskey Island, Fringe Magazine, and other publications. Her journalistic work has appeared in Publishing Perspectives, Austin Monthly and the Texas Observer, among others. She holds an M.F.A. in creative writing from Emerson College.

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