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    It’s almost a brand new year, which always means a brand new start.

    Hello, New Year’s resolutions. Goodbye, productivity. Why? Because resolutions never work. They just don’t.

    You know what does work? Other stuff that we’re going to tell you all about in a resolution-busting seminar hosted by the When I Grow Up Coach, Michelle Ward.

    If you’re currently experiencing deja vu, rest assured, you’re not losing your mind. We blogged about this offering a few weeks back. We’re doing it again, not to mess with you—although we love to mess with you—but to let you know that there’s still time to get in on the interactive fun.

    Running Over Resolution Roadblocks: How to Set, Start, & Complete Your Writing Projects in 2012 is now available as a recording, along with a 50-plus-page ebook, and the opportunity to ask questions via online form. Your (brilliant) questions will be answered by Michelle and me via MP3 next week. Act fast, ladies and gents. The Q&A forum closes at 5 p.m. Central on Monday, December 12th.

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