• Reading Accountability: October

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    Mountain of BooksEarlier this year I stated a goal of reading 80 books in 2013, and asked y’all for some ideas on accountability. “In what way should I publicly humiliate myself?” if I don’t get to 80 books, I asked. Your responses were amusing and sadistic, and in March it was decided: If I fail to read 80 books this year, I must perform a public reading of Fifty Shades of Grey while wearing a hot-pink onesie.

    I’m sure all none of you have been wondering about my progress since then. Well, the folks at Chamber Four have allowed me to write a monthly semi-monthly column detailing my path to 80 books, with a quick capsule review for each title. The latest piece came out yesterday, and you can read it here.

    The short version? I’ve got some work to do. Through three-quarters of the year I should be at 60 books in order to be on pace. Instead, I’m at 54. So if you see me walking down the sidewalk with my nose in a book, you’ll know why.


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