• Reading Accountability: March

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    The people have spoken: if I don’t read 80 books in 2013, I have to perform a public reading of Fifty Shades of Grey while dressed in a hot-pink onesie. Y’all are some sadistic bastards.

    Starting today at Chamber Four you can read in-depth about my monthly progress in a new column, “Book Rush.”

    But here’s the quick version: I read 21 books in January and another 9 in February, and 80 was starting to look like a breeze. But March kicked my ass: I only read four books, and am now in the middle of a 520-page novel that I just can’t seem to get through.

    So if any of you have a jumbo hot-pink onesie to loan me, let’s talk.

    Title — Writer (Idiotic Note)

    Bottom of the 33rd — Dan Barry (Could be the best baseball book I’ve ever read)

    Home — Toni Morrison (Far from her best, but a quick read, which I’ll need lots of)

    The Universal Baseball Association, Inc., Henry J. Waugh, Prop. — Robert Coover (Led me down a black hole of dice- and fantasy baseball)

    Crapalachia — Scott McClanahan (Excellent memoir/novel blend about the author’s West Virginia upbringing)


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