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    My New Yorkers collect dust, Tin House and Ploughshares these days go right to the shelf, and I never seem to have time for a spot of tea and my London Review of Books. But! I read the Texas Observer cover to cover, and I wolf down the New York Review of Books and Bookforum. With so many publications and so little time, it’s interesting to see which ones we turn to and which ones we ignore.

    Recently on Facebook we asked “Are there any magazines/newspapers that you always read in their entirety?” The results might give you some new publications to look into. (And note, only one daily newspaper gets a mention.)

    Tom: Texas Observer, The Week, The New Yorker, American Yoga Journal, The Hightower Lowdown.

    David: US Weekly, Teen Vogue, and the New York Review of Books.

    Jessica: Mental Floss and Psychology Today.

    Nick: VQR. Every time, cover to cover.

    Robyn: The Sun, which I also read immediately, often before I get from the mailbox to the door.

    Albert: Mental Floss and Wired.

    Sarah: Some people dream of winning an Oscar. Others dream of having a platinum-selling album or “NY Times” bestselling book. I just want to get published and have a (positive) article about me printed in “Texas Monthly.” It’s been my favorite magazine ever since I was a kid — like a wise relative who talked to you like you were a grown-up even when you weren’t one, and who still makes the effort to keep in touch with you.

    Shea: Star. Hands down. You talk about dreams? I dream of someone writing about me in that magazine.

    Daniel: Pretty much every magazine I bother to pick up, but I really try to go out of my way for The Smithsonian. All random poetry magazines I can find, though sometimes I really have to force myself to finish. That’s right, I wrote it…

    Amanda: Austin magazine and Popular Science. I don’t understand half of what’s in it, but what I do get blows my mind.

    Josephine: 16 and Tiger Beat, then Smash Hits, Face, Propaganda to now days pretty much only the fiction issues of The Atlantic and the New Yorker…oh to have all that spare time again!

    Annar: N+1, New Yorker, The Paris Review, and Vogue. I’d include The NYTimes, except I hate the business and sports sections.


    How about you guys? What publications make you sprint to the mailbox?

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    Wired! I love the New Yorker, too, but it comes so frequently I can’t keep up…and so I turn back to my Wired, which always has something unexpected and mind-blowing.

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