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    We have some exciting news: We’re expanding our publication assistance services!

    In addition to our existing services designed to help you on the path to traditional publication, we’re adding three new options for those of you interested in self-publication or hybrid publication, or for writers deciding which route to publication is the best fit:

    1) If you’re considering self-publishing your book and want some guidance on how to deal with this overwhelming option—the costs, the technology, the marketing, and beyond—our new Self-Publishing Coaching will teach you the ins and outs in as little as one session.

    2) We’ve partnered with hybrid publisher Atmosphere Press in order to help you bypass the slush pile and fast-track your query straight to the executive editor — longtime WriteByNight coach and consultant Nick Courtright!

    3) If you’re not sure whether traditional, hybrid, or self-publication is the right path for you, our new Publication Consultation will help guide you. We’ll read your manuscript carefully and then meet with you one on one to discuss its prospects for publication and to plan a course of action for turning those prospects into reality.


    Read on to learn more about each of these exciting new services, or request your free consultation now to discuss your options.


    Self-Publishing Coaching

    Just like our tried-and-true writing coaching services, our new self-publishing coaching is fully customizable to fit your needs. You’ll work with a writing and publishing expert to get all of your questions answered and set you on the path to publishing a book you can be proud of.

    What are self-publishing’s pros and cons? What are the costs, how long does it take, and what do I do once my book is out there? Get these vital questions and more answered in just a few one-on-one coaching sessions.

    The goal? Leave self-publishing coaching ready to self-publish with self-confidence.


    Hybrid Publication with Atmosphere Press

    Atmosphere Press is an author-friendly publisher that puts the power in the hands of the writer, where it belongs.

    Founded by Nick Courtright, a valued member of WriteByNight’s coaching and consulting staff for more than six years, Atmosphere publishes across genres and forms. We’ve had the opportunity to work with Atmosphere on several projects, including Mark Johnson’s children’s book That Scarlett Bacon and Sandra Fox Murphy’s novel That Beautiful Season.

    Atmosphere is an editorially curated hybrid publisher, meaning they publish only books they believe in. And if your book is accepted for publication, Atmosphere’s talented team of editors, designers, distributors, and publicists will work with you throughout the entire process to publish according to your needs and timeline.

    As with a traditional publisher, Atmosphere has a submission process and a slush pile — but because of our new partnership, your query will go straight to Nick himself!

    We’re very excited to partner with Nick and Atmosphere on this exclusive service.


    Publication Consultation

    After a preliminary Q&A to determine your needs and goals, we’ll perform a thorough read-through of your manuscript and then meet with you to discuss your publication options, as well as provide feedback on areas of craft that warrant attention.

    With your goals in mind, we’ll advise on which publication path — traditional, hybrid, or self — makes sense for you, and plan a course of action for how to start down that path… and how to avoid obstacles along the way.


    With our long-standing publication assistance services, we’ve already helped WriteByNighters find homes with publishers such as St. Martin’s, Little, Brown & Co., and Amazon. If traditional publication is your goal, those classic services are still available to you.

    But as the publishing landscape continues to evolve, so do we. We’re very pleased to offer these three new services to better support your writing and publishing goals.

    If you’re interested in Self-Publishing Coaching, hybrid publication with Atmosphere Press, a Publication Consultation, and/or any of WriteByNight’s other publication assistance services, you can learn more about these offerings here.

    Feel ready to explore further? Request a free consultation now!


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