• Micro Fiction Challenge: Piquant Results

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    Cage Matchin'The latest Micro Fiction Challenge, “piqaunt,” was a doozy. We had infighting, C-bombs, allusions to cage fighting, and plenty of good stories.

    Although we proclaimed Stefani Zellmer the early favorite (“What’s with the piquant glance?” he shouted, strangers shoving into them from all sides. “Who are you calling a Pee Cunt?” she replied.), latecomer Jamie Kinn tickled us with the following cannibalistic piece:

    The piquant taste bit at her palate as she swirled the fork in her mouth. He’d been a good neighbor, but an even better meal.

    In an unprecedented WBN Micro Fiction Challenge ruling, we’re declaring two winners. Congrats, Stefani and Jamie! You both earn WBN library privileges for the rest of 2013. Stop by during any (or all!) of our open hours to check out our shelves crammed with fiction, writing guides, litmags, and other awesomeness.

    And stay tuned for a new Micro Fiction Challenge with a new prize. (Subscribing to our blog is an excellent way to ensure that you never miss a step.)

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    Jamie Kinn

    Hooray! :D


    Ha! I applaud the cannibalism one. Made me laugh out loud at my desk.

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