• Pepsi-Fueled Creativity: The Writer at Work

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    This week, we catch a glimpse of Charity Kountz in her Writer’s Habitat. Charity’s short story, “Seeking Redemption,” was published in the Drastic Measures anthology. Visit her website to learn more, or order an autographed copy of the anthology here.


    My writing space is a zone with invisible sound proof glass walls to block out all noise and distractions. I sit down and those walls rise up around me. I have an L-shaped desk with dual monitors (not pictured) with two lamps, (one for reading and one for general light for video calls to family, friends, and business contacts). My bookcase contains all my reference materials and books in easy reach as well as my own publications. My office serves as a dual space, partly for my business (marketing), and then for administrative tasks for my writing, and of course, my creative writing.

    I like to be organized. That’s how I thrive. And while it may appear like a mess, everything is in easy reach and accessible for me. A little clutter is okay for me. I usually keep projects that I’m in the middle of on the left so they’re always right in front of me as a reminder. My notebook is never out of reach so I can scribble notes, to do’s, ideas, and phrases that come to mind. I keep pictures around of my family to remind me of the people who are most important to me and are the reason I do the different things I do. Everyone knows they shouldn’t disturb me in my space unless necessary as it’s impossible to know what important project or thought might be interrupted. Of course, my four year old is still learning that one. Most importantly, I’m never without a Pepsi close at hand, as evidenced by the empty ones in front of me.

    My creativity is fueled by everything around me – the internet is a never-ending source of fascination and access to information for me. My family is also a source for me, with the daily conversations and interactions, my four year old in particular. My business frequently fuels my writing as well. Sometimes my stories are influenced by the business world and what I see on a regular basis. Music and the moods it creates often inspire me. Lastly, much of my creativity is fueled by reading and writing as much and as often as I can. I read 2 – 3 books a week on average (it’s not unheard of for me to read 100 – 200 books in a year thanks for my Kindle never being far from reach) and to write 5,000 – 15,000 words a month or more. I regularly write blog entries for my writing blogs, plus I maintain blogs for several clients, marketing materials, content writing projects, and a newspaper column.  Everything I write utilizes my writer’s voice – from the simplest email to the latest short story project, I’m always practicing my voice.

    — Charity Kountz


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