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    WBN Named Best Writers' Resource 2012 by the Austin ChronicleAfter naming WriteByNight the Best Writers’ Resource in their 2012 Best of Austin issue, the Austin Chronicle wrote us up earlier this month in their books blog, “Under the Covers.” The piece begins, “My friends and I didn’t think it was going to last for long,” and the writer, Wayne Alan Brenner, goes on to interview Justine about how we started WriteByNight, what brought us to Austin, and what we’ve done since. Read the piece to find out what makes Justine say, “I’m not sure we do it with sanity” (some of you already wonder if we do anything with sanity), as well as whether or not the Austin Chronicle thinks we’re here to stay.

    Tonight is our seminar “Publishing in Lit Journals.” As of press time there’s still a seat or two left. It runs from 7-9 p.m., covers all of the basics, and is only $30, or $25 if you’re a member. Open to one and all, no matter your experience level. Learn more about the submission process, how to target magazines, how to make your work stand out, and much more. Steve Adams will serve as your faithful docent.

    Recently I got the chance to profile Two Dollar Radio, a really cool small publisher out of Columbus, Ohio. The piece was for Publishing Perspectives, and you can read it here. Find out what kind of commitment it takes to get every TDR title for free, for your entire lifetime. (I’m currently reading one of their most popular offerings, Grace Krilanovich’s The Orange Eats Creeps. Stay tuned.)

    Last month I became Books Editor at the Texas Observer. (I’ll still be Fiction Editor as well, and am also copyeditor now, too. It’s a mouthful.) Monday brought my first post on our new books blog, “Back of the Book,” and it’s a roundup of new and upcoming releases in Texas fiction. You’ll spot some familiar names on the list, as well as a few you may not have heard of before.

    WriteByNight has a table at this year’s AWP Conference in Boston. Are you going? If you’re on a panel, giving a reading, partaking of a special event, whatever, let us know and we’ll help promote it. And hopefully we’ll see you there, too. Because if there’s one thing better than hanging out with 5-10 writers at WriteByNight, it’s hanging out with 5,000-10,000 writers somewhere else. Right? (Wait, right?)

    Any exciting news or updates of your own to share with us? Give yourself a shout-out in the comments section below. Toot those horns, yo!


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