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    MobyLives alerts us to a bookshelf that is “part Rubik’s Cube, part kaleidoscope.” The video is too short to be called hypnotic, but damned if it doesn’t come close.

    — The Texas Observer has launched its new book blog: called Back of the Book, it opens with an interview with Mr. George Saunders, a writer whose new story collection, Tenth of December, has set the literary world on fire.

    If you want to read more about Saunders, here’s my review of the book from the Dallas Morning News, and do read this excellent feature from the New York Times Magazine (in which the writer describes Saunders as looking “as if he just stepped out of a tent at Antietam.” It’s so true.)

    — Our pal Ed Nawotka has a New Years’ Resolution to dump Amazon, which we applaud–even though Ed knows he’ll fail.

    HTMLGiant offers an excerpt of Brian Allen Carr’s upcoming book, Edie & the Low-Slung Hands.

    — Steve Almond continues to amuse us.

    — This is really just for deep, deep book nerds, but there’s a fun debate going on over John Dos Passos’ 75-year-old U.S.A. Trilogy. It started with jazz historian Ted Gioia’s write-up in the Los Angeles Review of Books, spilled over into Scott Esposito’s Conversational Reading, and then yesterday it blew up in the comments thread of Esposito’s follow-up post, which brought the never-afraid-of-going-on-the-offensive Ed Champion into the fray. Watch for F-bombs and hair-pulling.






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