• Hell is Other People — And Adverbs

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    Stephen King's ON WRITINGInĀ  our latest PsycheTruth video, I cover Stephen King’s On Writing, which is quite possibly our favorite writing guide. Say what you will about King–but the dude can flat-out write, and this book is both entertaining and useful.

    The first half of the book covers the struggle-filled early years of his career, before he started selling millions and millions (and millions) of books, many of which then became horrible, horrible (horrible) movies.

    The second half is where you’ll find all the writing-related goodies, including King’s ideas of what should go into a writer’s “toolbox.”



    Discussion Question: What is your favorite writing guide, and why? Also, what is your favorite film adaptation of a King work; or, maybe even more fun, which do you think is the worst of the worst?


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