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    Justine, the co-mastermind behind all the glory that is WriteByNight, recently wrote a great post about Morning Pages. I had heard her talk about Morning Pages before, but this post really prompted me to try them myself.  Why, you ask? Well, just take a look at my previous blog post and you will get your answer.

    Following a recent harrowing writers conference, I was void of creative inspiration. Well, I suppose a dwindling bank account, inability to get a job in this godforsaken economy, 110 degree temperatures, and the breakdowns of my cell phone, two computers, and my car all within a two-month stretch also contributed to my lack of a muse. I called myself a writer, but I wasn’t really writing, except for a few stale articles and blog posts about how I have writer’s block. Writing about how you can’t write anything? Preposterous.

    Finally, I had enough. What happened to my days spent typing away at the computer, a scratchy Bob Dylan record playing in the background and a steaming cup of coconut coffee by my side? What happened to writing blog posts that caused readers to send me thank you emails? What happened to my freaking book, the once love-of-my-life that had turned into something on a forgotten to-do list? WHY WAS I NOT WRITING?

    So, I went to H.E.B. and bought one of those super ugly black and white composition notebooks on sale. The next morning I woke up early, got a cup of that coconut coffee, and sat on my porch. It was early enough that the temperature was still in double digits, probably somewhere around 80, so obviously I was wearing a parka and scarf to stay warm. I grabbed my pen, cracked open the notebook, and began to write. And write. And write. Three pages’ worth of mind vomit filled the paper. I wrote about how I was angry, about how I was tired, about how I hated this and missed that and loved this person and wished this other person would take a hike. I wrote about writing, I think I wrote about my cats, and I wrote about Texas.

    And it felt awesome. With every stupid sentence I put on paper, I felt like I was cleaning out a section of my brain. I kept envisioning a dusty attic that was getting cleaner and brighter and less cluttered. Soon my writing shifted from rants and raves to descriptive scenes and possible plot lines. I was writing again.

    A week or so into my Morning Pages, I began thinking about my book again. I even opened up my manuscript and peeked at the first page. (But shut it soon after. Who knew a word document could evoke such terror?) The fact I even glanced at it was a true mark of progress! My brain wheels started turning again. I began thinking about my next book, awesome new article ideas, and about re-launching my blog. I turned on that beloved Bob Dylan record, I lit candles in the morning, and didn’t protest when my husband tried to make me dance with him like a dork in the kitchen. I felt lighter, more creative, and ready to get back to the work that used to fill my days with joy and excitement.

    I am still writing Morning Pages, and always look forward to doing it. Sure, some days go the wayside, overshadowed by the mundane business of this semi-adult life. But when I do make the time for them, my day is only improved. I am not completely restored creatively yet … but I am on my way.


    Katie’s work has been featured in Austin Lifestyle Magazine, Redbook Magazine, Thrillist.com, and Homerun.com. She is also excited to be contributing to the new Austin publication BE Mag, launching its first issue this November. Prior to moving to Austin, Katie worked as an associate producer for an NBC affiliate in South Florida.

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    David Duhr

    On Monday my computer decided it was high time to die what appears to be a permanent death. Rather than throw that piece of shit off the roof, I decided to take a few good deep breaths and calm down. Then I opened my journal–which I haven’t really touched in weeks, outside of random notes here and there–and began writing about how much it sucks to rely on technology, when it almost always lets us down. And then I kept on writing. And writing. About everything else. Eventually my hand began to cramp, and so I figured it was time… Read more »


    That was really inspiring, Katie! Between your post and Justine’s I’m convinced I should start doing Morning Pages.

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