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    Before we begin, I just want to clarify: this isn’t a dictatorship. If you come across some links that would look good on this page, by all means send ’em along to david@writebynight.net.

    Now sit down, behave, and read these!

    — Let us lead with one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen–a private blog post taken without permission and published in some silly, pointless print magazine named Cooks Source. When the blogger wrote to Cooks Source to ask for reparations, the response from the Managing Editor was, “You should compensate me (for editing and improving the piece)!” I can’t even begin to fit my big head around this kind of stupidity and obnoxiousness. It’s a very, very special kind of stupidity and obnoxiousness.

    Update: Here’s a great overview by an uncharacteristically calm Ed Champion. In the piece, he provides a link to the writer’s original post about the incident, which includes a longer portion of the Editor’s ridiculous email.

    — Laura Miller has some problems with NaNoWriMo. Carolyn Kellogg has some problems with Laura Miller. Laura Miller has some problems with Carolyn Kellogg. Can’t we all just get along and write?

    I could/couldn’t care less.

    — Roxane Gay at PANK is becoming one of my favorite people. Here she is, talking about litmags and “dirty money.”

    — And speaking of dirty money, Melville House withdraws from involvement with the Best Translated Book Award due to Amazon.com’s sudden horning-in. MH says they want nothing to do with Amazon’s “predatory and thuggish practices,” but in this corporate culture, they really should have expected the backlash. (For what it’s worth, WBN’s got Melville House’s back.)

    — For those of you on Twitter, HTMLGIANT opens the floor to opinions on the most interesting and entertaining Tweeting writers (is “Tweeting writers” the proper way to say that? Shall we call them “Twiters”?). If any of you WBN-friendly Tweeters want some followers, let us know and we’ll mention you here. Maybe we’ll even do a WBN Tweeter of the Week. In fact, we’re starting it right now …

    — Our first official WriteByNight Tweeter of the Week (WBN ToW) is … @MysticJourneys. Give her a follow and some encouragement as she edits her novel.

    Publishers Weekly begins their list of the best books of 2010. Look for my own 2010 roundup in the coming weeks on C4.

    — A national campaign on behalf of the Humanities? We’re listening.

    — Shameless, Shameless Plug of the Week: All Things Writing names WBN a valuable resource for NaNoWriMo. Laura Miller, eat your heart out. (Actually, don’t. We like you.)

    That’s all, folks. Tune in next week for … more links, I guess.

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