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    Hot off the e-presses.

    — The Chicago Tribune interviews Toni Morrison, whose Jazz I am currently reading/loving/jealous-of being.

    — Ever wish that your word processor’s font mimicked your own handwriting? Well, okay.

    — Ron Charles, our most favorite Totally Hip Book Reviewer, is interviewed at HuffPo. Click the link, and then go clean the house and mow the lawn while the #*(#^* page loads. (This site kills me)

    — Our pal Steve Almond is interviewed about the Good Men Project on Fox25 in Beantown.

    — Roxanne Gay, Associate Editor at Pank, opines about writing mechanics and the pitfalls of Internet instant gratification. As someone who sees his own share of writers withdrawing work “for further editing,” I fully endorse this piece.

    — Should stories in the Washington Post link to products on Amazon.com? (Hell to the No)

    — Ed Champion is ruffling feathers again. (“Again?” Does he ever stop? No. And I love it.)

    — Our friend Nico at ChamberFour covers the week’s best book reviews.

    — From the Millions, the sorry state of today’s rejection letters.

    — Undergraduate fiction from Wes Anderson at UT-Austin’s Analecta. And speaking of Wes, I love love love this poster.

    — Real or not, this video is all kinds of cool.

    — Shameless Plug of the Week: None, really. But if any come to mind, I’ll certainly Tweet about them. You’re already following us on Twitter, right? Write_By_Night?

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