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    Every Friday morning on this blog I’ll be posting some links from the literary blogosphere, and probably some fun stuff from outside of it. Feel free to drop me a line if you want more of something (or less of something).

    — Over at Slate, Meghan O’Rourke chimes in on the Franzenfreude debacle. At Fringe, one of my esteemed co-editors gives us her take. Make sure to read to the comments section, where I posted a sneak preview of my interview with Heidi Durrow, author of The Girl Who Fell From the Sky.

    Speaking of Franzen, rumor has it that Oprah will later today make his new novel Freedom her next book club selection (despite their 2001 kerfuffle), but Jacket Copy tells us to hold our dang horses.

    — If you have a dynamite piece and a spare $20, check out Writer’s Digest short story contest. And if you win, make sure to mention us by name. Or just split the kitty with us. Either way …

    — HTMLGiant shows us a few more literary doppelgangers. Creepy and funny. And creepy. Change the number in the link to see the first six installments.

    — For our Austin followers, the Texas Book Festival has released the schedule of this year’s events. How to choose? So many great writers, so little time. I’m already dizzy. But going to hear Chimamanda Adichie speak is carved in stone.

    — If you don’t get our monthly newsletter, you missed this link to Washington Post book reviewer Ron Charles’s first video review. There are four of these so far, and they are all hilarious. (If you don’t get our newsletter but want to, drop us a line at info@writebynight.net)

    — Steve Almond chats with the folks at Radio Rumpus (audio clip — if you’re at the office or in front of the kiddies, wear some $^@$&^ headphones). For those of you unfamiliar with Almond, he’s quite possibly the funniest writer out there today. His new book is Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life.

    The Zap Reader is an interesting little gadget. You’ll either love it, hate it, or become too cross-eyed to decide.

    — SHAMELESS PLUG OF THE WEEK: I interview Sasha Fletcher, author of when all our days are numbered marching bands will fill the streets & we will not hear them because we will be upstairs in the clouds. (Pause, breathe, give typing finger a rest).

    — SHAMELESS PLUG OF THE WEEK, PART II: My review of Lou Gallo’s poetry collections Omens & Halloween.

    Don’t forget to follow WBN on Twitter and Facebook. And bookmark this blog, as we’ll be posting frequently from now on. Check back next week for Part II of Justine’s series on fitting writing time into your life (Part I here).

    Now stop wasting time with me and go write!

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