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    — I must lead with Ron Charles’s latest video book review. This guy is just all sorts of fun. Of course, he’s given me the urge to film one of these myself … which is just no good for anybody.

    — In the coolest move of the week, The Paris Review has made all of its interviews available online. WBN’s library contains the colorful four-volume set, for those members who prefer to read hard copies—but the website includes all of the interviews that weren’t selected for the books. Highly recommended.

    — For any past workshoppers who enjoyed our Mary Gaitskill readings, her very first short story has become available online.

    — And speaking of firsts, NPR has a piece on a couple of writers who toiled for years before publishing their first novels. “The writing process is not for the faint of heart,” the article begins. But all of us WBNers already know that, don’t we?

    — For you Austinites who have that first novel ready, check out the Espresso Book Machine, coming our way soon.

    — September is almost over, but no time is a bad time to get back to books.

    — Former workshoppers will remember our explorations of the works and life of Raymond Carver. Now it’s time to put those discussions to good (and fun) use with Raymond Carver Mad Libs. Try it out, and send us your results.

    — A Portland, Oregon bus driver was suspended for being caught reading his Kindle while driving. While driving a busload of passengers, that is. On the freeway! Question of the Week: What could he have been reading that was so important it couldn’t wait? Best/Funniest response wins a prize. Send answers to david@writebynight.net.

    — SHAMELESS PLUG OF THE WEEK:  None. Really? None? We have got to get better at self promotion. Although my interview with Steve Almond does run in Fringe this coming Monday. Phew, did it.

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