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    We hope you all had lovely Thanksgivings (Thanksgivingses?). WBN whipped up some spaghetti and garlic bread and watched Planes, Trains and Automobiles. No complaints at all.

    Now that some of you are back to the grind, here are a few Friday lit links to see you through a yucky workday.

    — Is thisĀ the end forĀ Cooks Source? Their website redirects to Intuit, which is a good sign. This crazy Judith Griggs lady is still blaming the author–specifically “the harm she has inflicted on others on behalf of her own agenda.” Let us hope that this closes the book on Judith and her mag.

    — James Frey defends his writing sweatshop. James Frey is an ass.

    — Delicious birthday gift / home defense system from my mother: Autobiography of Mark Twain. At ~750 pages, it’s a mammoth book, but I’m going to read it all. If you’re not into all the ancillary content, Esquire offers some tips for reading the book in a day.

    — A secret chamber was just discovered in the National Library of India, likely sealed off for at least two centuries. I am fascinated by this, and really, really hope that we someday discover a secret chamber in WBN HQ. In fact, I’m going to start knocking down the walls today.

    — From NPR, five books that people are talking about. I haven’t read one of them, so I guess I’m out of the discussion. Shucks.

    — If you’ve been following this whole Gawker/HarperCollins/Sarah Palin situation, they settled the lawsuit. If you haven’t been following this whole Gawker/HarperCollins/Sarah Palin situation, they still settled the lawsuit. See? The world marches on without us.

    — Our Chamber Four friends find this Q&A with James Patterson ridiculous. I haven’t read it yet, but I agree already.

    — Speaking of Chamber Four, they’re still accepting submissions for the first issue of their lit mag.

    — Speaking of Chamber Four, on Monday they published my take on the best books of 2010.

    — Speaking of Chamber Four … nope, that’s all I’ve got.

    — WBN ToW: @RustyShelton, owner of Shelton Interactive, Austin’s very own digital marketing agency for writers. If you’ve got a book to market but don’t know where to start, give them a holler.

    — Shameless Plug of the Week: Nothing leaps to mind, although we have some exciting things on the horizon. (“Things”? Not the best descriptor.) In the meantime, you can check out my blog post from earlier in the week, Part I of “Sometimes I Just Loathe Writers.” Part II will come Monday, if the weekend goes as planned.

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