• Friday Video Dump

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    Friday is an excellent day to get visual. You’ve been reading articles and blog posts all week, you have some exciting reading (and WBN-visiting) planned for your Saturday, and let’s face it, all you’re really hoping to do at work today is clock watch.

    But at some point you’ll need a break. And when you’re ready for that break, here’s what I think you should do with it: watch these videos.


    1) Want to write a book in thirty days? No? Well, Justine’s gonna tell you how to do it anyway. Because that’s why we created WriteByNight: to provide you with information we find interesting, regardless of whether or not you want or need it.



    2) Ever wanted a list of great books for writers? No? Well, Katie’s gonna tell you about some anyway. Because that’s why we created (and so on and so forth).



    3) Earlier this week Jenna shared with us some of her favorite local places to write in public. Here I do the same–without forcing you to do all that annoying reading.




    4) Are you bored with all these videos? If you answer yes, I don’t believe you. But in the off-chance you’re not lying, this one’ll provide a solution: Justine talks about word games and brain exercises for the literary-minded. (That’s you!)



    Four is my favorite number, so four videos is what you get. If you like ’em, you can find plenty more at our YouTube channel. To which you should probably subscribe.

    Enjoy your weekend, WriteByNighters.


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    David Duhr

    Haha. Our blog decided that it’s best to keep my face off of itself. Good move.

    The link works, though. You can copy/paste it into a different tab … if you dare!

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